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Opinion: Bayern Munich should kick the tires on FC Barcelona midfielder Gavi

Let me have my say before you go after me with pitchforks.


If you’ve read my last article, I detailed why FC Barcelona midfielder Gavi became an unregistered player due to Barca’s tardiness which prompted the court that ruled for Gavi’s registration to be reversed.

If you are aware of my stance, you would know that I do not like Gavi at all. He is an overhyped, temperamental, and bang average midfielder living off the fact that he’s a Spanish Barcelona academy graduate. Not fit enough to clean the boots of Paul Wanner. That being said, I’ve been pondering of a potential transfer to Bayern Munich.

FC Bayern München v FC Barcelona: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by Markus Gilliar - GES Sportfoto/Getty Images

I see you’ve formed a mob that’s ready to drive me out of town, but as Kevin de Bruyne says: let me talk! Although Gavi has his flaws, I still think he could be developed into a proper player. He was plucked from the youth teams, thrust into the toxic environment that former Barca coach Ronald Koeman has created, and was honestly not fit enough to be part of the first team. I reckon we should put him with the reserves and train him properly.

Yes, we had Michael Cuisance before who, like Gavi, was a hot-headed and unfinished young midfielder that made the jump to the first team/big team too early. Things are different now, so maybe the situation will turn out differently. Remember that Atletico Madrid youngster we brought in? I think he could make the transition from Barcelona to Munich relatively easy. Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann and his team of coaches at Sabener Straße could work their magic on the lad (Gavi), plus we get to one-up Barcelona again which is an upside (after we nicked one of their youth players before: Adam Aznou).

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