Look Who's Back! Look Who's Back!

This article's title does appear as if it is a campaign chant of some sort. As eye-catching as the title may be, there is a reason, or rather, two reasons, why it is so. Remember when this same author wrote about how Lucas Hernández decided to continue playing for our club, in spite of that grave injury? It appears that things are only getting better for everyone in the club, given that the contract extension talks are approaching the final phases. Look at the tweet below.

At this point, some readers may mention that this article may be a bit redundant, given that a BFW article covering this same topic has been uploaded quite recently (as of the time of posting). While the author acknowledges this, he also prefers to embed some sensical commentaries, as well as to add some further information, if applicable. Here, the author would like to add, based on what Fabrizio Romano said, that the club already made up its mind to, in more creative terms, fast-track the said contract extension talks.

Yes, this is not an exaggeration. Nearly three months after what can be summarised as the biggest casualty for our club arising from the World Cup, it is increasingly likely that Lucas will stay with us for longer, with the formal announcement to come not long from now. It appears, therefore, that trust and support from all parties involved (including from us, the fans) are about to culminate in this defining moment, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Speaking of months, as an additional piece of information, it appears that Lucas will remain unavailable for a minimum of two more months, which is to say until the middle of May. This does mean that, in the best-case scenario, he could be back just in time before the final matchday, and probably the Champions League Final in Istanbul. Even Lucas himself implied that. Again, that is the best-case scenario. After all, we, the fans, trust Bayern's entire staff to make Lucas' comeback a resounding success, whenever it will take place. To back these up, here are a pair of tweets, both from @iMiaSanMia.

This has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows involving Lucas' situation as a player in our club. First, he came into the club still recovering from an injury, then got injured again in his first season with us (that even the author of this article saw on live TV). The next season was arguably his breakthrough as a more regular starter, especially with that performance against PSG (coincidentally, our club just emerged victorious against them, from the time of posting). The season after that was a continuation of his rise into the club's core squad. Then came our club's own October surprise that eventually affected the entire team, with that month eventually closing on a painful note with that now-infamous wipeout against Mönchengladbach of all teams. This season, before that World Cup injury, many of us can still remember when he scored against Barcelona at home, along with how he celebrated that.

For now, let us all patiently wait for Lucas' contract extension announcement. After all, it is all but certain at this stage that he will stay. With the state of the team's defence often cited as the make-or-break in determining how many titles are won, we also look forward to him returning as a regular starter. Besides, he, along with fellow Bayern defender Matthijs de Ligt, is among the higher-profile signings by the club within the past five seasons. Let us also hope that the team's chemistry, especially amongst the defenders, will only be enhanced with Lucas' full return, as our coach will have more flexibility in his tactics, which means less unnecessary pressure. Above all, Lucas' full comeback will send a message to all, especially to other teams, that Bayern's defence can never be underestimated.

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