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Hasan Salihamidzic surprised by Manuel Neuer’s reaction to Bayern Munich sacking Toni Tapalovic

Brazzo, much like the rest of Bayern’s front office, expected a little bit better from Neuer.

FC Bayern Munich - Training Camp in Portugal Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

In hindsight, with all of the details that have retrospectively emerged after Toni Tapalovic’s sacking as Bayern Munich goalkeeping couch, it’s not too surprising to see why he was let go by the club.

Alexander Nubel wasn’t the only person to describe feeling ignored by Tapalovic’s and it has become increasingly clear that Julian Nagelsmann had long been at odds with the former goalkeeping coach.

Manuel Neuer, as was detailed in a massive interview with The Athletic, did not take too kindly to Tapalovic’s sacking, going as far as saying it was on of the “most brutal” things he’s ever had to go through during his playing career. It’s no secret that Bayern’s keeper had a very solid, long-running relationship with Tapalovic both on and off the pitch, but the club’s front office have not taken too kindly to Neuer describing his shocked nature after the decision was made. It’s even been suggested that Neuer should now be stripped of his captaincy at Bayern, which he usually assumes when he’s fully fit and playing.

Sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic recently expressed his opinion that Neuer perhaps shouldn’t of taken the club’s decision so personally, citing that the decision had nothing to do with Neuer himself. “I understand that Manuel is personally affected. But I’d have expected a different behavior from him, especially as captain. The decision, which was also difficult for us, had nothing to do with Manuel. We explained that to him,” he told Christian Falk, as per @iMiaSanMia on Twitter.

In terms of potential consequences Neuer might face in the wake of his interview and the things he said, Brazzo said the club is going to decide just exactly what they feel would be the most appropriate response. The idea of stripping his captaincy has been touted, but it’s understood that the club will be speaking with him directly in efforts to reach a final, amicable solution. “We will first discuss that with Manuel. The disappointment he describes about Tapa’s release prevails because Manuel put his personal interests above the interests of the club. But we’ll discuss it with him sensibly internally,” Brazzo said.

The sporting director also provided an update on Neuer’s recovery, echoing the recent sentiment from the keeper’s entourage that he is on track with his progress and maintains the hope that he will be ready for Bayern’s pre-season preparations come July. “When you talk to the doctors, the clear message is that Manuel is on the right track. He was operated on very, very well, the first aid was perfect. That was half the battle,” he described.

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