Bayern's dilemma (Attack)

I'm not going to lie, when Flick left I immediately thought of Ten Hag and Nagelsmann, although I always preferred Ten Hag's style of play, I firmly believed that Nagelsman could continue the path left by Flick since at Lepizig I always saw the intensity and gegenpressing excellent.

But I also had my doubts, it was clear that Nagelsman was not going to come simply to use the same system as Flick, as any coach wants to leave his mark and his style on the team, Nags clearly favors 3 man defense and fast players overall,which is excellent for a counter-attacking style, it was a matter of time before players like Muller took a back seat to faster and more technically correct players for the casual viewer who prefers to see dribblers and agile players like Musiala, Sane, Gnabry despite not being in their best form nor contributing as much to the offense as you could read in Innednoname article "Bayern Munich empowers Julian Nagelsmann to bench Thomas Muller even though it's a terrible mistake"

I don't think it's necessary to delve into the importance of Muller in each of the titles we've won in recent years, many coaches have tried to get past him and we already know how they ended up.

Let's talk about Sane for a moment he is quickly becoming a fan favourite, if I'm being completely honest he should never have made it to Bayern, the player is incredibly talented, he has speed, dribbling, flexibility, he handles himself in tight spaces (not as well as Musiala of which I will also speak), what he does not have is the correct mentality to be able to take all those skills to the next level, he constantly loses the ball for trying to get out of absurd circumstances in which he gets himself, many times I lose my mind when I see a simple pass that doesn't get to a teammate because he wants to dribble the opponent and lose the ball when he doesnt make it, he has improved in defense but it's not nearly as good as many people want to make it out, he makes very long recovery runs 2 or 3 times a game and that's enough to keep the fans happy, but Bayern's style is to defend forward, press the opponent, cut the passing lanes, and trying to strip them of the ball, not just seeing them in the distance, I don't remember a single ball that Sane has recovered by these means is always running back, never forward (Yes i dont really buy the Sane hype, Sorry)

Coman, if I had to stay with 2 players on the wings, one of them would surely be Coman and in my opinion, he is the complete opposite of Sane. While Sane is very agile and technically correct in his technique, it could even be said that exquisite in his dribbles, Coman only has 1 mode and it is 100% effort as long as the body allows it, and although this display of speed ends up taking its toll on him when it comes to talking about his crosses or definitions (which are ultimately very good) they are not always like that, this is his principal defect when he reaches 3 quarters from the opposition goal, he still does not have that ability to discern the best decision to make and most of the time he makes the wrong one, but I prefer a player who leaves everything on the pitch, not only in attack but also in defense like Coman, of all the pure wingers that we have, he is undoubtedly the one that contributes the most in the defensive section without that taking away too much in the offensive

Gnabry at the beginning was a favorite of mine, a good signing at a low cost who almost always contributed a goal or an assist in important games, and other times he simply did not appear, lately is the latter and I think it is partly due to the Nagelsman system that changes between 3 or 4 man defense, true or inverted wingers, Gnabry is not a classic winger who is going to throw himself into the band, but quite the opposite, he always seeks to enter the opposition area, which leaves the entire band for the fullback (that is why when Pavard played we did not have any width on that flank) Gnabry does not contribute as much defensively as Coman but he definitely contributes more than Sane when he sets his mind to it (although in recent games his defense leaves much to be desired) Gnabry is basically an extra striker who enters on the flank which can be incredibly useful if you use it for what it is or can be completely useless if you use it as a wingback

Musiala (the true Golden Boy) if I had to stay with another winger (yes you read it correctly, a winger ) it would be Musiala on the left wing, not like a traditional winger expanding the field but more similar to what Gnabry should do on the right wing, that is to start from an intermediate lane and enter the area, Musiala from that position can decide to go down and operate as an extra midfielder, take the position of #10 when Muller makes his typical internships onto the area, throws himself to the right-wing or battles with the opposition center backs, this position also leaves all the left flank free for Davies to work his magic, Musiala is the most complete of the wingers we have, he contributes in defense, attack, creation and unlike the strange experiment that Nagelsmann wants to do using Sane as a midfielder, Musiala can play and has played that position successfully

the Ramdauter

Muller is our 10 but most people don't realize that the main reason Muller and Musiala should play together is that Muller not only supports the creation of the game but also becomes a second striker when necessary. (and it's necessary more times than you would think) despite the way it looks Muller is an aerial threat and always competes with physically bigger defenses which is something that Musiala isn't able to do (yet) due to his physique, when there is a cross into the box we have Muller and Choupo fighting for the ball, when Muller is not playing we only have Choupo because neither Musiala nor sane nor Gnabry will fight physically against elite defenders and many times they don't even try, for this reason, Muller is still a necessity and every time I hear That this player or that player is going to replace him only makes me laugh. If they are going to bring in a replacement, it should be someone who brings those movements to the opponent's area, creates space for his teammates, has an eye for the assist, has great definition, and has the ability to fight physically in the area, which are not easy attributes to get in a single player

Choupo has been excellent, I honestly didn't think he would do so well, Bayern should extend his contract but they should also look for a 9 that can take the place that Lewa left in the long term

That's all for the article, I had to do it in a bit of a hurry at work so I'm sure it has mistakes, comment if you want the part of the midfielders

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