Spark "de Ligt"s for the New Year

This is it, the final article of the 4-part series that covers the podcast where Matthijs de Ligt was present. As mentioned in Part 1, the writer here has enjoyed analysing the said podcast, though he chose to do so before the start of 2024 in his place of residence, in part to avoid procrastinating yet again. Finally, after four consecutive days, including staying up late at night, here is how the writer here will conclude his 2023! Anyway, without further ado, here is the 4th and final part proper.

The podcast host asks Matthijs what the latter thinks is possible for the 2023-24 season. Matthijs replies by saying that the whole team will try to improve with every match, while at the same time still having sufficient energy in-store come the tail-end of the season. He also stressed what a lot of us have been thinking, that our team may be one of the best in the world, but focus and concentration are both necessary, especially, as he said, to do better this season than the previous one. Now, he did also mention trophies, which, as we all know, is harder this time around, given that there are only two left for us - the Bundesliga and the Champions League - and neither of the remaining ones are quite straightforward this season.

It seems that Bayern's podcasts have an additional sub-format, which is the "Steilpass". There, an invited person will leave a question for the next invitee to answer. In Matthijs' case, he got his from Peter Sauer, and the latter asked him how often Matthijs goes to a beer garden each week. The answer of his may surprise many, especially those who are reading this series of articles. In spite of feeling at home in Munich, Matthijs basically said he rarely goes to a beer garden, as he is not the type of person who likes drinking beer, not even non-alcoholic beer. The writer of this article here is guessing that Matthijs is not the type of person who drinks alcohol outside of specific occasions, which is actually what the writer himself observes, though in part because the writer has not drunk any alcoholic beverages yet, even though he is old enough to buy some.

In keeping with the "Steilpass" format, Matthijs drops a question for the next invitee to answer. The question: "What do you love most about Bayern Munich?" It is also there where, bar closing remarks, the podcast episode itself ends. Rather than just ending this article here, the author here would like to answer Matthijs' question. For the writer himself, the thing that he loves most about Bayern Munich is the club's Mia San Mia principles (there are 16 in total, which the writer will not name here), because the writer here feels that, by being a Bayern fan, he should also learn the club's 16 principles and observe them in his everyday life, especially since the principles act as a guide.

With that, the 4-part series analysing the FC Bayern Podcast episode with Matthijs de Ligt is finally over. The author here would like to thank you for reading through all four parts, and hope that you thoroughly enjoy what the author has written. Feel free to drop your thoughts, comments, feedback, and suggestions in the comments section of each article of the whole series. With that, the author here wishes everyone a joyous and safe 2024! #MiaSanMia

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