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Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller’s monthly musings: December 2023

Kingsley Snow-man.

FC Bayern München Training Session Photo by R. Mitterer/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Welcome to the last edition of Thomas Müller’s monthly musings for 2023! In this edition, Tommy talks about Bayern Munich’s hectic schedule for the month, the final Champions League game against Manchester United, the upcoming Euros next year, and more!

An eventful pre-Christmas period

We are currently in a very exciting phase of the season. Not because the prizes are currently being distributed. But because the constellation poses more danger than many people believe. You may be familiar with this: the holiday is approaching, some of your suitcases are already packed, but at the same time everyday life is going on. For us it’s about the bare points in the championship.

When we get this thing at the end, no one will remember this time. But I know from experience that we now have to mobilize all our strengths again to finally get to the top of the table. I will consciously pay attention to this tension and, if necessary, take countermeasures.

So rock ‘n’ roll again, the fall championship is the clear goal.

Always special – match against Man United at Old Trafford

We still have a very special away game ahead of us in the Champions League. As a child, Man United played a special role for me. Especially after the dramatic Champions League final in 1999. Every Bayern fan will remember that painfully for the rest of their lives. After that game I decided to move to Bayern in 2000 to get things straightened out – just kidding .

Back to our upcoming opponent, they were the best football team in England for decades. With national and international titles. For me they have always been one of the really big clubs in Europe. But they have been chasing this claim for some time now. For a football romantic like me, this is difficult to digest.

While we’re on the subject of philosophizing, I think the Man United case shows how difficult it is in professional sport to be permanently at the top and to virtually guarantee success. Even for clubs that are prepared to spend a huge amount of money, this is not a sure-fire success.

To be at the top of Europe, the overall package, squad, coach, environment, club culture, etc. is part of it.

Bayern Munich - Manchester United Photo by Tom Weller/picture alliance via Getty Images

From this perspective you can perhaps classify your own performance at FC Bayern a little better. There was a lot of good stuff there. At the same time, in professional football we are of course always looking forward. Past successes are of little use to us in the next game. It means pushing your limits again and delivering a great performance.

So, I’m looking forward to the game at Old Trafford. We will end the Champions League year with a clean performance. The heroic deeds then take place in the spring.

EM (European Meisterschaft) in your own country - the countdown is on

The draw now definitely begins the hot phase for the 2024 European Championship. The opening game in Munich will kick off in just over 6 months.

As a football fan, I can say: What could be better!

Since I was a child, every tournament has been an absolute highlight for me, whether as a fan or a player. Nevertheless, among all the successes, one thing stands out and that is the 2006 World Cup. Because it was in our own country, and this created more than just enthusiasm for football during this time.

Namely the interpersonal aspect. In my opinion, a new level has emerged between people in Germany, which has been good for the country. It was just more than football. I found that to be extremely positive and I’m happy that there will be a chance for something similar again next year.

We played a good tournament back then, that was definitely a factor. That’s why, as players, our focus is of course one hundred percent on making the next game successful. We will give everything for this. I’m definitely looking forward to the tournament and hope that it will be a wonderful event for people in Germany and around the world.

A hot winter

For a few years now I have discovered the sauna and also the cold pool afterwards. This is currently very trendy. Personally, I go to the sauna primarily for health reasons. It’s also a cool ritual, but health is my priority. There are probably thousands of studies on health benefits, that’s how I classified it in my head.

By specifically increasing the body temperature, many processes in my body are triggered to an increased extent, such as blood circulation, metabolism, the production of endorphins, the oxygen supply to the cells, the production of growth hormones and much more. So, it’s a great boost for the body that can help me regenerate and strengthen my system in many areas.

The cold shower or even the jump into the cold pool afterwards is a whole new world and processes in the body. For me, there is, on the one hand, the additional stimulus for the body caused by the interplay between hot and cold and the positive effect of cold on inflammation in the body.

As always, please check with your doctor, the sauna is not right for everyone.

Something special under the Christmas tree

If some of you are still looking for the right gift for your loved ones, I have a few recommendations for you. Over the years I’ve done a few nice things that maybe some people really enjoy. You can find books and other little things from me under the following links:

Children’s books

My first championship: reading starter. 2nd reading level. First reading book for football-loving children aged 7 and over:

My path to becoming a professional soccer player: FC Bayern star and national player Thomas Müller about his dream job as a soccer player:

My path to the dream club: reading starter. 2nd reading level:

My way into the starting line-up: reading starter. 2nd reading level:


Cooking for champions big and small: Eating healthy is child’s play:


Tonie’s audio figures for Toniebox , Thomas Müller - My way to the dream club, radio play for children aged 6 and over:

Have fun with it and, above all, have a nice Christmas with your loved ones.

A really good cause

As part of the “Nicolaidis YoungWings Charity Christmas Auction powered by Thomas Müller & Friends” we are auctioning off unique Christmas gifts in aid of the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation.

There’s really strong stuff underneath. Whether signed game jerseys, meetings with celebrities, VIP lounges in the Allianz Arena or even VIP tickets for biathlon. I have the feeling there is something for almost everyone. And all for a good cause.

I would be very happy if you visit the website. Maybe it’s the right thing for you or your loved ones. Click here for unique Christmas presents.

Stay healthy and keep your ears stiff,

your Thomas

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