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Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller’s Monthly Musings: November 2023

Time to bounce back up

Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Jürgen Fromme - firo sportphoto/Getty Images

Welcome back to Thomas Müller’s Monthly Musings! Apologies for releasing it this late; I forgot to write about it when I saw it in my inbox. Anyways, Tommy talks about that Pokal game, surprise title challengers, and Bayern Munich routinely smashing Borussia Dortmund, plus more! Let’s dive in!

Simply bitter

Just like yesterday, the sting is still deep the day after. To be honest, we’re still in shock.

If you look for reasons for defeat, you can always find many. In the end, it was a cocktail of ingredients that made this sensation possible.

It’s a bit paradoxical that we lose the game in the second half, even though we pretty much played the game we wanted from the 60th minute onwards. Dominant, with movement towards the goal and without allowing the opponent any chances to score. And then there is the 96th minute of the cup

Conceding the two goals just before half-time and at the end of stoppage time wasn’t exactly clever. So, today the frustration is there and understandable. But we have to shake it off again by tomorrow at the latest.

A day of licking wounds is allowed and also necessary to grasp the significance. But then it has to go on.

Saturday is a hugely important game [more on that below].

The top of the Bundesliga is strong

There are currently four to five clubs in the Bundesliga that have a lot of points and will continue to get them. Leipzig, Dortmund and Leverkusen inherently want to be up there with us. This is quite remarkable in Stuttgart. We have to see how far this goes.

It gives me a good feeling that you can’t sneak around at the top of the table. But you have to win consistently, otherwise your competitors will overtake you. This is also a great situation for the fans. Every game counts. That makes the entire Bundesliga more attractive.

At this point I would also like to compliment Leverkusen and especially my old colleague Xabi Alonso. They not only play successful but also attractive football. The fact that Xabi has the potential to become a successful coach was already apparent during his playing career.

He was a very good communicator, strategist and passionate footballer. But what made him world-class was that he was able to keep a cool head. I currently see this joy in football on the one hand and strategic discipline on the other at Leverkusen.

A highlight of the season: The German Classico

The classic against BVB has always been the biggest game in my Bundesliga career. It is being followed with great interest not only in Germany but also internationally. We’re going to Dortmund to win. Even though we know that the grapes tend to hang higher there than in other Bundesliga stadiums.

What makes the encounter particularly spicy are the emotions of the fans in the stadium. There it goes. The desirability of the duel is huge, and of course you also feel that as a player.

Therefore, I wish everyone involved a great match. With hopefully a better outcome for FCB.

Bayern did in fact get a better outcome, smashing BVB 4-0 thanks to Dayot Upamecano’s goal and the amazing Harry Kane’s hat-trick.

USA trip with the DFB

My highlight of the trip was the first game against the USA. I had the feeling that the whole stadium was really happy about our visit. There were many American fans with German roots and so, a great atmosphere was created.

It was all the better that we were able to celebrate a successful debut with the new coaching team. I had the impression that the adaptation time from team to coach was very short. We were able to quickly implement what the coaching team wanted from us.

But we also had other exciting stops on our USA tour on the east coast. Overall, you can of course feel how enthusiastic the Americans are about sports everywhere, as well as in many interactions with the people there. Since I naturally share this fascination, I immediately had a good rapport with the people we met on site. It is clearly noticeable that football is becoming more popular in the USA. But football (oval ball), basketball, baseball and ice hockey are still clearly ahead.

Of the sports mentioned, I personally follow the NBA most intensively. That’s where I know myself best. Ice hockey played a role in my childhood because I was on the ice myself in winter and will be again after my career.

All in all, a great trip with good sporting progress for our team. I’m looking forward to continuing with the DFB team in November [yeah…about that].

Müller’s health delicacy - Vitamin D belongs in the starting line-up

In this issue I have included a vitamin that plays a pretty big role in our well-being - the sunny vitamin D.

Vitamin D not only strengthens the immune system, which can’t do any harm, especially in winter, but is also an important substance when it comes to bone health and muscle function. All in all, you want vitamin D on your team. Even the biggest critics agree on that

The reason I supplement vitamin D is because we practically cannot get it from food. Our skin can only produce it through exposure to sunlight. But in our latitudes that’s not enough front and back.

If you are also thinking about supplementing your diet with vitamin D, please discuss this with your doctor beforehand. If taken incorrectly, you can oversupplement the vitamin. So always with your head. Every body is different.

For me it is definitely an important addition to my diet.

Do good and win an FC Bayern experience with me

Müller has been advertising this for a while now so if you want to know what it’s about, continue reading!

Today I would like to draw your attention to a very special campaign that is very close to my heart. Help me support the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation, which supports grieving children and young people who urgently need help after the death of a family member.

With your donation you will also receive raffle tickets and have the chance to win an unforgettable experience with me at the FC Bayern training ground! As a thank you for your donation, there will also be signed prizes from me, which you are also guaranteed to secure.

I look forward to meeting one of you in person on Säbener Straße soon.

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Stay healthy and keep your ears stiff,

your Thomas

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