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Did Harry Kane “buckle” in decision to make Bayern Munich move?

Well, that’s like...your opinion, man.

FC Bayern München Travel Back To Munich Photo by S. Mellar/FC Bayern via Getty Images

It is pretty safe to say that former Manchester United, Liverpool FC, and England national team striker Michael Owen was not a fan of Harry Kane’s move from Tottenham Hotspur to Bayern Munich last summer.

“Personally I think he’s craved to have decisions in his hands for around three or four years now, he probably wishes he didn’t sign a long-term contract and then he could have been more in control of all of his career,” Owen told DAZN Bet. “All of a sudden with one year to go, after doing the hard yards, now you’re about to pick FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or whoever you want, and I almost felt he buckled at the last moment.”

Owen acknowledged that Kane is a fantastic player, but also thinks he made a mistake that will not change the perception of his reputation.

“Harry Kane is an unbelievable player and it shouldn’t be a surprise he’s still playing well, that’s just a given. He’s such a wonderful talent,” Owen said. “But I don’t agree with his move from Spurs to Bayern, as I said at the time which made front page news in Germany. He should have stayed at Spurs for another year. If he was so desperate to leave and to win trophies, then he could easily have then had the world in his hands by going on a Bosman transfer at the end of the season.

“If Spurs miraculously started playing well and looking like title challengers, he could have always stayed, but regardless he would have had his destiny in his hands and gone to any club he wanted to all while he was getting closer to that Premier League goalscoring record and creating the perfect legacy with the club he’s been at all his life.”

While Owen understands the allure of Bayern Munich, he clearly does not think the Bundesliga is competitive enough to really consider any titles that Kane wins in Bavaria a real trophy.

“Bayern are undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in the world but for me to win a trophy, I don’t think there’s anything really special about going and guaranteeing yourself a Bundesliga trophy. Bayern will win the league with or without Kane, so I don’t think that was particularly a reason to leave,” Owen said. “The only thing is that he gets to play in the Champions League, to have a chance of winning but in my book Manchester City will win it and if it’s not them then other teams have a chance too, Bayern being one of them, but City are the standout. I said at the time I didn’t think it was the right thing and I still stick by that. But if he goes and wins the Treble at Bayern, you can say I was wrong, but if he only wins the Bundesliga, then I would feel as strongly as I do now that it wasn’t the right move.”

In the end, Owen thinks Kane would have been better off going to Real Madrid.

“I’m trying to put Tottenham’s start to the side, but as it happened I thought Postecoglou would be a great fit for Spurs. But I don’t think that’s that relevant when discussing what Kane should have done because I think everyone accepts it would be lovely for him to win trophies, to showcase himself in a team that had a great chance of winning things,” said Owen. “I don’t think even Spurs fans would be blinkered enough to deny him that opportunity, but I just think for him, if I’m being bloody-minded about you as a player and what you want, then I think doing another year at Spurs and then being available for nothing at the end of the year would have been the best move and I don’t think Spurs would have complained.

“He didn’t cost them anything and you have the most incredible service so there’s no complaints there, you then financially are sorted because you will be going for nothing, so someone is going to be paying you very well anyway. Then you pretty much have your pick of the Manchester City’s or the Manchester Uniteds. City don’t currently need a centre-forward but a lot changes over a year and having the world in your hands as opposed to jumping ship with one year to go was the best move.”

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