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Match report: Bayern Munich 2-1 VfL Wolfsburg (Frauen Bundesliga)

It was time to cut the Bühl-crap and smash Wolfsburg

FC Bayern München v VfL Wolfsburg - Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

After Bayern Munich’s men’s team whacked Borussia Dortmund 4-0, the former’s Frauen team has the chance to follow up the men’s massive win with a win of their own, against Frauen Bundesliga powerhouse VfL Wolfsburg. It’s time for another comprehensive match report:

First Half

1’ – Wolfsburg run down Bayern’s left flank and force a corner kick which is subsequently cleared.

3’ – Bayern came close to scoring: Lisa Schmitz spills a Bayern through ball, but the ball is cleared away.

5’ – Bayern get a player dragged down but wasn’t called, then Sarah Zadrazil does the exact same thing to Kathrin Hendrich.

7’ – Hendrich holds Jovana Damnjanović and eventually brings her down for a Bayern freekick.

10’ – Linda Dallmann flagged for offside.

11’ – Lea Schüller stays onside after a pass from deep but is unable to get the better of the onrushing Schmitz and the attack is snuffled out.

13’ – The corner flag hits the lineswoman due to strong winds.

14’ – Georgia Stanway goes for goal from distance by picking up a loose ball, but it goes just over the bar!

16’ – Damnjanović tries to get the through ball but all she got was the offside flag.

17’ – Damnjanović is brought down again, another Bayern freekick.

18’ – Bayern get two corner kicks in quick succession that lead to nothing, culminating in Giulia Gwinn failing to get the overlapping ball.

20’ – Lynn Wilms is booked after grabbing and bringing down Damnjanović.

21’ – Bayern get two great chances to score in front of the Wolfsburg goal, but they are unsuccessful in converting them.

25’ – Wolfsburg try to catch Bayern out by playing fast progressive balls, but the final pass was overhit and Mala Grohs is there to take care of it.

28’ – Bayern get a corner kick but serves up a Joshua Kimmich special and overhits the in-swinger.

29’ – GOAL! Bayern 1-0 Wolfsburg. Dallmann plunders the ball home after Wolfsburg fail to clear the lines.

33-34’ – Svenja Huth is carded for taking out Katharina Naschenweng at the side of the Wolves’ box. The ensuing freekick is dealt with swiftly by Wolfsburg.

37’ – GOAL! Bayern 2-0 Wolfsburg. Klara Bühl is picked out by Dallmann and fires home from the edge of the box.

So close to getting this right:

This prediction still slaps:

45’ – Just before half-time, both teams seem to be slowing the game down.

Halftime: Bayern 2-0 Wolfsburg

FC Bayern München v VfL Wolfsburg - Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Second Half

46’ – Wolfsburg sub in Joelle Wedemeyer for Lynn Wilms

47’ – Felicitas Rauch is booked for tackling Stanway

51’ – Bayern win a penalty after a Wolfsburg handball in the area, but Damnjanović blasts it off under the bar and back into play.

53’ – Hendrich stops Schüller from going through on goal.

54’ – Bühl holds off pressure and fires off a shot that goes wide.

55’ – Wolfsburg make a double change: Chantal Hagel for Jule Brand and Vivienne Endemann for Lena Lattwein.

59’ – Huth boots in a freekick but it goes over everyone and out.

61’ – Wedemeyer is booked for sliding in at Schüller.

63’ – Goal. Bayern 2-1 Wolfsburg. Lena Oberdorf pulls one back with her brilliantly taken shot from 25 yards.

64’ – Popp nearly did a smash and grab on Bayern with an effort that goes over.

65’ – Bayern make a sub as Damnjanović is brought off for Frankziska Kett.

69’ – Marina Hegering is down after colliding with Stanway.

70’ – Popp’s freekick fails to get past the Bayern wall.

71’ – Ewa Pajor runs down the wing and crosses it to Popp who shies the shot.

72’ – Bayern sub out Dallmann for Sydney Lohmann.

74’ – Gwinn’s cross pinballs in the area but it ultimately goes out for a corner.

79-80’ – Kett gets (Ketts?) a yellow card for getting a boot to a Wolfsburg player’s head. The ensuing free kick is blasted high by Popp.

81’ – Grohs is being treated for a knock that she got after taking a goal kick awkwardly.

83’ – Hendrich’s foul on Stanway results in a free kick but nothing comes from it.

84’ – Pajor is whistled by the referee for bringing down Gwinn.

88’ – Bayern make a third substitution: Tainara for Bühl.

89’ – Stoppage time is almost upon us.

90’ – Six minutes of stoppage time is given.

90+5’ – Play is stopped after Lohmann is hurt in a series of Wolfsburg fouls.

90+8’ – Full time. Bayern manage to see out the win. Final score is Bayern 2-1 Wolfsburg; both teams switch places with the undefeated Bayern top of the table.

Match Observations

Bayern outplayed Wolfsburg, granted it was a close match

This was always going to be a tight match, and, in some cases, you have to try everything to get the win. Today, Bayern punted the ball a lot over the Wolfsburg players and managed to get into dangerous positions to attack and score, offside flag included. Alexander Straus set up his team well and his team not only outplayed the Wolves, but he also managed to frustrate them as well.

Wolfsburg resorted to scrappy play

Speaking of which, it was evident that Bayern got into the heads of the Wolfsburg players, who fouled their Bayern counterparts whenever they could. Desperation clearly seeped in ever since Bayern took the lead in this match. The stats at full time show that WOB out-fouled Bayern 21-10, and that number could be higher if the other less noticeable fouls were called.

Bayern cooked this weekend

Thomas Tuchel led his men to a rousing 4-0 win over Dortmund while Straus managed to get the job done against the Frauen’s perennial rivals. A good weekend of football if you’re a Bayern fan. Tuchel also silenced Lothar Matthäus and Didi Hamann a second time either side of the Dortmund game.

Tuchel and Straus, let ‘em cook!

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Lena Oberdorf

Die Kaiserin: Giulia Gwinn

Die Fußballgöttin: Georgia Stanway

Die Bomberin: Klara Bühl

Meister of the Match: Linda Dallmann

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