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Bayern Munich’s Harry Kane — undercover criminal...or victim of unfortunate doppelgänger?

Harry Kane might have turned to a life of crime.

England v Malta: Group C - UEFA EURO 2024 European Qualifiers Photo by Michael Regan - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Just a few weeks ago, BFW covered the expenses that Bayern Munich star Harry Kane is racking up to house his entourage in Germany.

In all, Kane is spending somewhere in the neighborhood of £10,000 a night as he house hunts. While the search for a permanent residence is rumored to be over or at least close to final, Kane tallied up a hefty bill — even for a multi-millionaire, superstar athlete.

Times are tough these days and even those kind of folks might need a side hustle. Rather than hopping in his club-provided Audi to do some Uber Eats work, Kane might have opted for another gig — master criminal!

(Shrieks! Clutches pearls!)

Kane, though, could find himself in some hot water because now authorities have a e-fit generated pic and could be lobbing some inquiries his way:

Run Harry run! Don’t let the coppers get you! You are chasing Robert Lewandowski’s record!

BFW Analysis

Truthfully, who among us has not had this fear?

I often wonder if there is some poor soul unfortunate enough to look like me who leads a life of crime...and what if he gets caught on camera? Would a manhunt ensue...for me?

Surely, Kane has more than enough money to fund his lavish lifestyle, but at least now we know what he does off the field aside of the occasional round of golf.

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