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Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — FC Copenhagen 1-2 Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League)

Unlucky. Copenhagen, that is.


Bayern Munich once again came into a game completely unprepared and paid for it with a poor first half in which the team came to the dressing room behind on goals. Just like the last game however, Tuchel was bailed out by individual brilliance from the usual suspects.

After a pair of games that made it look like Thomas Tuchel knew what he was doing, we have been treated to a pair of games that have made it look like Tuchel has never managed a game of football in his life.

In this podcast, Rayyan goes over (rants about) the game and Bayern in detail.

  • A look at the starting XIs for the game.
  • The tactical decisions that Thomas Tuchel made.
  • The lack of any direction or ‘game plan’ for Tuchel.
  • A signature Cyler Meltdown™ over the state of Bayern.

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