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“In the end they just picked us apart” — Darmstadt reeling after destruction at hands of Bayern Munich

Darmstadt had no chance after receiving two red cards.

FC Bayern Muenchen v SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga Photo by Kevin Voigt/Getty Images

SV Darmstadt 98 was dismantled 8-0 by Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga on Saturday and after the match, the coach — and his squad — were grasping at straws to absorb what just happened.

“It was a very strange game, also with the red cards. We were very brave in the first half. I would’ve preferred to go 1-0 up than be a man up. We had big intentions in possession. Bayern then pulled the plug on us when we were a man down. I was suffering with my team. We’ll now lick our wounds,” Darmstadt coach Torsten Lieberknecht said (as captured by

As for goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen, it seemed like he was happy to hear the final whistle blow.

“We had a very good first half and forced Bayern into a red card. We were in the game and had a huge chance through Marvin Mehlem, and then got two red cards of our own with similar situations. It was then tough. I’ve never experienced what then happened in the second half. Obviously, today’s game was not our benchmark. But the first half was what we imagine of ourselves. In the end they just picked us apart,” said Schuhen.

Meanwhile, midfielder Marvin Mehlem shook the loss off and focused on the team’s strong first half effort.

“We played against one of the best teams in the world and were really excited about it. I’m proud of the team for how we played in the first half. Then things went against us with the red cards and it’s then tough to get something away at Bayern,” Mehelm noted.

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