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About last night...what happened after Bayern Munich downed Galatasaray 3-1 in the Champions League at BFW?

That was...unfortunate.

Fuel Pumps with “Sorry Out of Use” Signs Photo by Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Just as Bayern Munich was clinching a 3-1 victory over Galatasaray, Bavarian Football Works went offline.

Below is a list of things that did not happen to cause that mess:

  • Chuck did not spill beer on his laptop (again).
  • Ineednoname did not incite a system crash by rallying all functioning members of the #MüllerMafia to intentionally crash the site.
  • RIPLT did not pull the plug out of the servers and say, “Just kidding!”
  • Phil did not slash through our system with a homemade lightsaber (we think, though we cannot actually prove this).

Those are all believable scenarios, but none actually happened. Instead the whole Vox network went down. For us, it was the worst possible time — right at the end of a Champions League match. It was unfortunate to say the least. Live footage from a team crisis meeting is below:

Naturally, there was a massive delay with our posts and things ran way off of our normal schedule. We pride ourselves in being there for the BFW community through the good times and the bad, but we — due to the system outage — were nowhere to be found.

So...we just want to say thanks for sticking with us and to let you know — as Stringer Bell once said, “I want you to get word out there that we back up.”

Thanks for hanging in with BFW...even through the crashes.

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