The Jewish Roots and Nazi Past of Bayern Munich

Griaß eich, fans of Bayern München and history! And pardon the controversial headline.

Like many Bayern fans, I have strong feelings about the current events in Palestine and Israel, but to avoid ending up in the time-out corner alongside Mazraoui, I want to make clear that I do not intend this article to editorialize, tacitly or implicitly, about anything on the news. Instead, my hope was to repost a Youtube video covering Bayern Munich's reputation -- paradoxically -- as a uniquely Jewish German club, as well as a right-wing pariah to certain detractors.

This video also discusses the national team's disgraceful decline under Joseph Goebbels, as well as the DFB's complicity in Nazi crimes.

The timing of this post is purely coincidental, as the video was posted earlier this week, and I came across it earlier today. Since I doubt any Middle Eastern conflicts will be resolved anytime soon, I figured I may as well post it now, given that many here might find its specifics to be interesting even if the story's broader themes are known among many fans.

The video details the origin of Bayern Munich as an organization, and charts its rise under Jewish leadership, its decline and disgrace in the Nazi era, and the club's rebirth in the '60s and '70s. The channel, HITC Stevens, has done a thorough job of summarizing and illustrating the club's backstory.

If any readers have other resources about Bayern Munich or the German national team in this vein, please feel encouraged to post them in the comments!

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