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Bayern Munich CEO Dreesen gives his ruthless opinion on the Super League

“You cannot be more dead.”

General Assembly European Club Association Photo by Gerald Matzka/picture alliance via Getty Images

During an interview with Bild TV, Bayern Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen answered questions on a plethora of topics relating to the club. Yet the spiciest reply came when he was asked about the Super League.

The European Super League was a breakaway concept for a football competition to replace UEFA’s Champions League, which would boast regular games between the best of the best and potentially boost club revenues: touted publicly in 2021,

Bayern was one of a few clubs that were totally against the idea from the start, and when newly appointed CEO was asked about the now-forgotten matter, he didn’t hesitate to make a statement.

He said that to him, the Super League is dead, and he says it drastically to put an end to it. But Dreesen didn’t stop there, making sure that his stance was clear.

Dreesen’s savagery certainly ‘did put an end’ to a topic that was, in all honesty, already dead.

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