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Three Bayern Munich youth players omitted from winter training camp

What is the point of inviting them to train for a few days in the first place if you’re not going to bring them along to Doha?

Training FC Bayern Photo by Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images

When Bayern players returned from their vacations to resume training, multiple youth players normally not part of first team training were given the chance to participate and show what they could do. Reports stated that they would be given the chance to recommend themselves for the training camp in Doha. Now we know who succeeded and who did not.

Bayern announced the list of players traveling to Doha and, of the 8 players initially invited to train with the first team, only 5 made it into the training camp. Arijon Ibrahimović, Ritzy Hülsmann, Lovro Zvonarek, Tarek Buchmann and Yusuf Kabadayi made it, while Eyüp Aydin, Justin Janitzek and David Herold missed out.

BFW Analysis

Ibrahimović, Zvonarek and Buchmann are the biggest starlets on the campus not named Wanner (who is already a permanent fixture in first team training), so it was always likely that they would be included. Hülsmann also seemed rather likely to make it due to Neuer’s injury and the club’s inability to sign a replacement in time for the training camp. But Kabadayi making it is interesting, having severely disappointed for Bayern II in 2022. He must have left quite an impression in training for Nagelsmann to take him along.

Meanwhile, Eyüp Aydin’s omission means it is nigh guaranteed that he will leave the club in the summer of 2023, when his contract runs out. David Herold and Justin Janitzek will be disappointed to miss out, but they are still very young and will get other chances to recommend themselves to Nagelsmann.

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