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Bundesliga referee suggests radical rule changes to football

Will this get rid of the shenanigans from the beautiful game?

Bundesliga”Borussia Mönchengladbach v RB Leipzig” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

A Bundesliga referee, Patrick Ittrich, has suggested a number of dramatic rule changes as solutions to many of the typical shenanigans that plague matches and cause endless amounts of eye-rolling and frustration. For FAZ Sport (via DW), here are some of the ideas:

  • “For a tactical foul in midfield, a freekick should be awarded 17 meters from goal. How often will we see such fouls then?”
  • “If a player rolls on the floor three times and needs a doctor, get him one and make him wait outside for 3 minutes. How quickly do you think the player will stand up?”
  • “If a player insults a referee, send them outside [for] 10 minutes to cool down. Go cycling to warm up before coming back in. We can learn from handball in that respect.”
  • “How is a referee surrounded by 10 men after a decision? In my opinion, boom, boom, boom — three red cards. Play seven against ten now. That’d be fine by me.”

What do you think? Will they solve problems adequately or create even more? Would Bayern Munich be helped or hindered, given their aggressive style of play and tendency to be on the receiving ends of rough physical treatment?

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