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Uli Hoeneß remarks on the Bayern-Qatar sponsorship conflict

He wants to stay out of a controversial subject? Quick, see if he’s been replaced by a double or being mind controlled. This is not normal!

FC Bayern München Annual Meeting 2022 Photo by Thomas Hiermayer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Former Bayern Munich president and current board member Ulrich “Uli” Hoeneß spoke to the media about the infamous Qatar sponsorship. Bayern has a contract with Qatar Airways until June 2023 and seems still undecided as to whether the club should or should not extend the contract, following mass protests from fans and a humiliating 2021 AGM, where the board was booed over the subject.

So what does Uli think? Hoeneß, known for his controversial statements, says he can’t state much. “I can’t say much about that. Oliver Kahn held talks in Qatar and exchanged a list of questions. This is being discussed in the board of directors and exchanged with the Supervisory Board.”

Of course, this being Uli, he wouldn’t yet stop. “There is a coordinated opinion that the club communicates and has to represent to the outside world. The other side also has to agree to extend the contract, what happened at the World Cup has left its mark over there.”

And he continues. “The important question that you have to answer is: if FC Bayern say we will end the partnership, will the workers in Qatar be better off? I’d say no, they won’t.”

And still. “If the discussion continues the way it is being conducted, then the situation will tend to improve as a result of the pressure. When that pressure is gone, then things will just continue the way they are.”

While Hoeneß has only added to what was already known, it is clear that he has thought a lot about the subject. It’s good that the voice of the fans seem to have at least given the board food for thought.

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