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Uli Hoeneß defends Manuel Neuer’s skiing accident as a part of life — favoritism?

Is Bayern Munich playing favorites between treatment of players in the media?

Costa Rica v Germany: Group E - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Serge Gnabry recently faced heavy criticism for him attending fashion week in Paris. Julian Nagelsmann among others thought it was immature and did not have nice things to say about it. But what about Manuel Neuer? On vacation, he engaged in the dangerous sport of skiing and managed to injure himself for the rest of the season. This caused a massive hole in the Bayern Munich roster and caused a serious transfer dilemma, so why did he get off so easily?

Yes, Manuel Neuer’s injury was of course an accident, but a preventable one at that. A preventable accident ahead of a crucial Champions League knockout stage, as well as concluding the domestic league and cup though. Uli Hoeneß recently chimed in and didn’t seem to put much blame on the veteran goalkeeper.

Now I am not here to say you can’t leave the house or do anything physical because players are entitled to their own lives. But I can’t help to notice a sharp contrast of favoritism between Gnabry and Neuer’s situations. Are we too hard on Gnabry and too gentle on Neuer? I’ll let you decide that once. Just some food for thought.

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