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Bayern Munich’s Jamal Musiala gushes about Champions League opponents Messi and Neymar

In another timeline I’m making this headline clickbait. “Does Musiala’s Messi mania mean an end to his Munich merriment and a messy move to PSG?”

Paris Saint-Germain - FC Bayern Munich Photo by Sebastien Muylaert/picture alliance via Getty Images

We all have our childhood idols. Many of us had footballing idols. Many of us cherished watching these idols and incorporated what we learned into our everyday life. Many of us even see our idols beaten 8-2 in one game. Well, at least Jamal Musiala has.

Speaking to, the Bayern Munich star talked about his idols growing up and what exactly his style as a footballer is. When Musiala was asked to describe his style, it was suggested to Musiala that his elegant style of dribbling is a dying art. Musiala doesn’t quite believe that to be the case.

“I don’t know if I’m the last because there are many players that can dribble and beat their players. For me, I just try to have fun on the pitch and to be happy as free as possible. I go into dribbles and do whatever I can to help the team win,” said Musiala.

In fact, Musiala has learned his craft from two legends who are still very much playing the game. Ones he will, incidentally, play against in February. “Growing up, I watched a lot of Messi videos and Neymar as well. It always amazed me how they went into the dribbles and it was always entertaining to watch them play.”

Musiala isn’t exactly alone in idolizing Messi and Neymar. Many youngsters have grown up astounded at their skill and incredible ability on the ball. But Musiala is unique in having the chance to go to these legends and getting the chance to show if, perhaps, the student has outgrown the masters. Or if the diminutive Argentinian magician and the Brazilian superstar still reign supreme.

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