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Prediction: Bayern Munich is going to sign Chelsea’s Kai Havertz during the summer transfer window

Is it just a matter of time before Bayern Munich and Kai Havertz link up?

Chelsea Training and Press Conference Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

The rumblings are there and, frankly, it makes at least some sense.

Bayern Munich has long been a fan of Chelsea attacker Kai Havertz and the former Bayer Leverkusen star is likely going to be available during the summer transfer window.

The Bavarians needs a No. 9 and Havertz, for better or worse, is a candidate to play the position moving forward for the German national team. Before things really started to get hot with this rumor last Friday, we had already seen some news break just a few days earlier.

So, why not?

Well, he’s not really a striker!

True! Havertz — in my mind — is still best as an attacking midfielder...but his time at Chelsea necessitated an expansion on his ability to play as a striker (which he did at the end of his time at Bayer Leverkusen).

Havertz has shown that he can finish in big spots (had the game-winning goal in the Champions league finale for Chelsea, scored twice when Germany desperately needed it in the World Cup) and he has the body type (6’3” aka 1.92 meters) to play the position — if he can get a little more physical strength. Havertz also has top-notch speed (Havertz clocked in at 35.01 kmph at the EURO 2020 competition), which makes him an intriguing prospect at the position.

It could work.

He’ll cost too much money!

At one point, you would have been correct, but Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is spending like a drunken sailor and has created a monster roster that needs to shed salary talent ASAP. Havertz — and probably USMNT hero Christian Pulisic, too — should be at the top of that list.

German, inconsistent, and swallowed up by the presence of so many new players, Havertz’s role in London is in major doubt moving forward. Knowing all of that, it would not be shocking to see Havertz be available for €40 million to €60 million. That might seem like a lot for Bayern Munich, but this will be a number that the Bavarians can afford.

It would end up being yet another time where Bayern Munich takes advantage of a club who backed itself into a corner with a player.

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