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Jamal Musiala reflects on his difficult start to life at Bayern Munich

Musiala isn’t one to just give up after a challenge pops up, though.

FC Bayern München Doha Training Camp - Day 2 Photo by S. Mellar/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Moving to a different country can be a massive challenge. Moving to a different club can be a massive challenge, especially when the two clubs in question are world famous. Doing both at the tender age of 16 sounds like a nightmare. In an interview with, Bayern Munich star Jamal Musiala opened up about his struggles adapting to life at the Bavarian giants back in 2019, when he had just swapped London for Bavaria.

After being asked how he settled in at Bayern after moving from FC Chelsea, Musiala said that practically nothing came easy to him. “The only easy thing was that I could speak the language already, but the whole change at the start was not easy for me. It took me a while to really settle in because all of my friends and everyone was back in England and it was just something new. I played for Chelsea for eight years and then going to a whole new country was something where I needed time to settle in. But after a while, I felt very comfortable.”

It is a credit to Musiala’s professionalism and character that these early struggles did not seem to impact his performance. He shot up the Bayern youth ranks, rocketing from the U-17s to the U-19s to the U-23s within just a single season. The next, he was promoted to the first team, where he could enjoy the stability of staying in one team and be taken under the wing of older mentors like Thomas Müller.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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