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Timeline of a transfer: How Bayern Munich acquired Yann Sommer

It took a while, but Yann Sommer is officially a member of Bayern Munich.

Borussia Mönchengladbach v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Christian Verheyen/Borussia Moenchengladbach via Getty Images

When Bayern Munich starting goalkeeper Manuel Neuer broke his leg after the World Cup, it set off a chain of events that led to the club eventually getting former Borussia Mönchengladbach star Yann Sommer.

Let’s take a look at how it all went down. You can follow the journey below.

Neuer’s injury hits the media

December 10th

The news emerges that Manuel Neuer broke his leg skiing after the World Cup. At this point, the Bayern Munich fanbase hit the panic button and the club started going to work.

As information started to hit the media, it became clear that this was extremely serious and that Neuer would miss the rest of the season. Moreover, doubt started to emerge on whether or not Neuer would be able to regain his previous form when he actually does come back from his injury.

The Aftermath

December 11th

Almost immediately, everyone started to wonder what was next and the reality of exactly what went down with Neuer was released.

Bayern Munich’s first “outside the box” candidates emerged as the club was linked to Dinamo Zagreb’s Dominik Livaković and Paris Saint-Germain’s Keylor Navas.

December 12th

Speculation also hit that Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn was scouting at the World Cup and the question had to be asked, “Can Bayern Munich win anything without Neuer?”

Reports also broke that Bayern Munich was at least talking to Livaković.

December 13th

Ah...the first time we heard the name of Yann Sommer linked to Bayern Munich — and it felt absurd to think it was even a possibility.

December 14th

Out of nowhere, former Bayern Munich prospect Christian Früchtl entered the fray and Livaković admitted he was open to a Bayern Munich move. Meanwhile, some at BFW called for a return from AS Monaco for Alexander Nübel, but we knew it would be complicated.

December 15th

Things got so serious, that sporting director Hasan Salihamidžić ended his vacation early and most Bayern Munich fans were not feeling too optimistic.

December 16th

The first reports came out linking Bayern Munich to Sevilla’s Yassine Bounou (the club wanted €20 million for him...yikes) and we started to hear that Nübel might have some fractured relationships at Bayern Munich.

On the bright side, we found out that Sommer was open to a move.

December 17th

Another goalkeeper (Aston Villa’s Emiliano Martinez) was mentioned as being on Bayern Munich’s radar and Bayern’s goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalović said he was shocked to hear that Nübel might not be thrilled with their relationship.

December 19th

Despite the angst Nübel felt toward Bayern Munich, the two sides held talks. Sommer also became the “top option” for the club to replace Neuer.

December 20th

It was reported that Inter Milan was also interested in Sommer.

December 21st

Any goalkeeper that could speak German was going to have an edge and some doubt emerged about Inter Milan’s true interest in Sommer.

December 22nd

After the earlier talks, there was a report that Nübel might now re-consider his stance and return to Bayern Munich.

December 23rd

A new contender entered the mix: Leeds United youngster Illan Meslier.

December 27th

AS Monaco starts letting it be known that it did not want to part ways with Nübel.

December 28th

Sommer entered into contract extension discussions with Gladbach, while talks with Nübel were at a “standstill.” Things were not looking so good!

December 29th

In a somewhat stunning development, Nübel spoke openly and made it clear he was not so sure a move back to Bayern Munich would work for him.

December 30th

Bayern Munich reportedly set its first internal deadline to find a replacement. Obviously, that was a failure.

December 31st

Despite a mountain of evidence saying it would not happen, Bayern Munich continued to work on Nübel and Bounou.

January 2nd

For the first time, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Kevin Trapp was linked to Bayern Munich, but that potential move was thoroughly dismissed later. Trapp also commented on the situation later.

At this point, everyone was getting antsy and our own Teddy implored Bayern Munich to sign him as the replacement.

Meanwhile, Sommer let Gladbach know he wanted a move to Bayern Munich.

January 4th

Now, it started to get a little more real for Bayern Munich and Sommer as they reportedly agreed on personal terms.

January 5th

The first report stating that Gladbach’s ability to ink Jonas Omlin would free up Sommer to leave. In addition, Lothar Matthäus endorsed a move for Sommer by Bayern Munich.

January 6th

One of the most odd rumors popped up when Benfica’s Odysseas Vlachodimos was somehow linked to Bayern Munich.

January 7th

This was one of the bleak days of the Sommer saga as things started to look like a move might not happen.

January 8th

Gladbach’s assault on the Sommer rumors continued as the club denied that Sommer ever asked for a transfer.

January 9th

At this point, Bayern Munich began to realize it could not bully Gladbach and started pondering a better offer.

January 10th

Bayern Munich started to realize that Neuer might have trouble coming all the way back from his injury — and is considering long-term options at goalkeeper. Moreover, things got weird when the agent for Raków Częstochowa’s Vladan Kovačević proactively offered his client to Bayern Munich (aka they pulled a Teddy).

Finally, Bayern Munich had to look at the reality that it might have to double its offer for Sommer and the club set another soft deadline to make something happen.

January 11th

We started to hear that Neuer’s injury could be even worse than initially thought, while Sommer was still not talking about anything. Whatever the case, the situations with both Sommer and Nübel definitely were creating headaches for Bayern Munich

January 12th

BFW readers made it known who they wanted to play goalkeeper for the rest of the season.

January 15th

Gladbach was playing extreme hardball at this point and really was trying to make Bayern Munich sweat out a deal for Sommer. To make matters more muddled, there were reports indicating that Nübel might be waffling over his hardline stance of staying at AS Monaco. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich and Gladbach were rumored to re-open talks.

Salihamidžić was also starting to feel the heat.

January 16th

Speaking of feeling the heat, Nagelsmann pleaded with Bayern Munich to acquire a new goalkeeper (not exactly a ringing endorsement for Sven Ulreich).

January 17th

While it was not going to happen this year, reports stated that Bayern Munich liked Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Gregor Kobel — which could potentially effect what kind of deal the club would seek with any player it acquired this season.

Speaking of feeling the heat, Nagelsmann was starting to think his future could be in jeopardy if the club could not acquire a new goalkeeper. Nagelsmann also admitted that he had not been in contact with Nubel, which seemed to be a death knell for that pursuit — and maybe the goalkeeper’s future with Bayern Munich.

January 18th

Finally, things started to happen...and quickly. Gladbach inked its man, Jonas Omlin, and now Bayern Munich was fully free to make its move for Sommer.

Just a bit later, the deal was done — and we learned that he might even start against RB Leipzig.

The Conclusion

January 19th

Ah, the finale. First, we saw that Sommer was already in training and then that he was wearing #27. After that, Bayern Munich made the formal announcement and closed down this wild odyssey.

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