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Off the Crossbar: Bayern Munich’s hotel in Qatar bombarded with pigeons

Pitch invasion. You know? Pigeon-vasion?

FC Bayern Munich training camp in Doha
“Gotta wash the droppings off with the sprinklers!“
Photo by Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images

Bayern Munich can definitely afford the best hotels when they go to Qatar for their winter training camp. Bild reports that the one they got this year is the English country house-style “Al Aziziyah Boutique” in Doha. It also comes with a freebie, not room service or extended use of the facilities, but free guests: Pigeons.

That’s right, Bayern are swarmed by pigeons who basically cover every square inch of the hotel!

The situation is so bad that Bayern players can’t open their windows as they run the risk of letting an unwanted guest into their rooms. Remember when I said they covered every square inch of the hotel? That applies to both the pigeons and their droppings. A cleaning team came to, well, clean up the mess which I’m sure Bayern would be grateful for.

Just because Tottenham Hotspur striker Richarlison did a pigeon dance doesn’t mean the real ones have to act equally crazy, especially around footballers.

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