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Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller’s skillset put to the test by football freestyler

It’s not Bomfunk MCs but it’ll do!

Insane control!
Photo by ANDREAS GEBERT/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller is not known for being a flashy player, but rather an efficient one (hello Mario Basler); he gets the job done without having to show off because it’s a bit unnecessary. The Raumdeuter, however, may be learning new things this time around. In the latest video of his “Da Schau Hi!” series, he goes up against football freestyler Jannik, also called jannikfreestyle, in a battle of who does freestyle tricks better (via Tz).

Jannik challenged Müller to try his best in copying what the freestyler does, to which Thomas replied in typical Müller fashion: “You’re the boss. I don’t know that many tricks. For me, the round just has to go into the square.”

Germany v England: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 3
Exquisite first touch!
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

The first trick is to simply get the ball up in the air and catch it with your hands. Müller says, “Now we’re at the base — but don’t underestimate it!” But he manages to do it with minimal fuss. The second trick upped the ante – juggle and cross the leg over the ball. Müller once again does it easily but is unprepared for the world of pain that trick number three brings.

The last trick is the hardest of them all – lob the ball over your head, balance it on the back of your neck, roll it down your back, rotate left going backwards while balancing on your hand, and clip the ball between your feet so that it goes up. Tricky, right?

At last, Müller concedes to Jannik after numerous failed attempts. Despite falling at the last hurdle, Müller jokingly said that he’ll ask Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann to include the last trick as part of training.

“I’ll talk to Julian Nagelsmann and see if we can incorporate that into team training”, Müller quipped.

The video can be found below:

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