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Too soon: Please stop touting Thomas Tuchel for Bayern Munich

It is too early to be talking about a coaching change at Bayern Munich.

Dinamo Zagreb v Chelsea FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League Photo by Matija Habljak/Pixsell/MB Media/Getty Images

Let’s get this out of the way: Thomas Tuchel is an excellent football coach. He’s smart, innovative, and typically makes a great impact when he joins a team.

It is, however, way too early to start throwing dirt on the coaching grave of Julian Nagelsmann.

Sure, Bayern Munich has failed to win four consecutive Bundesliga matches, players are reportedly unhappy, and some fans are — inevitably — starting to clamor for a fix.

Tuchel, while good at being at immediate solution, often ends up burning through player relationships like he is always carrying flamethrower. For a team in the midst of a “generational shift” like Bayern Munich, Tuchel would would be more oil and water than oil and vinegar.

Simply put: I’d be hesitant to bring him in, even if Nagelsmann ultimately fails.

Regardless of all of that, though, is the fact that Nagelsmann has not yet done anything to warrant a sacking yet.

Indeed, it does not look good. There appears to be a communication issue, player unhappiness, tactical issues, and maybe some other stuff going on as well, but let the man try to coach his way out of this hole. With the absence of a traditional striker and a huge roster, there is a need for more time in getting this cast of characters to learn how to play together.

Maybe the parts end up fitting together nicely or maybe this all implodes, but let’s aim for crowing a World Cup champion before people start chasing Nagelsmann out of town with torches and pitchforks.

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