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Player ratings and reactions: FC Augsburg vs Bayern Munich

No one really covered themselves in glory from Bayern’s perspective.

FC Augsburg v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by S. Mellar/FC Bayern via Getty Images

It might not yet be time to smash the crisis button for Julian Nagelsmann and Bayern Munich, but a 1-0 loss at FC Augsburg at the WWK Arena before the international break is close to a worst-case scenario. The result takes winless streak in the Bundesliga to four matches. Bayern have shown strong in midweek with wins against Inter Milan and Barcelona in the Champions League, but can’t seem to grind out points in the domestic league.

Bild am Sonntag and kicker did not hold back at all in their assessment of how each player did, with 1 being the best score and 6 being the worst:

The ratings (Bild — kicker; 1-5 from best to worst), plus our commentary, below:

Neuer (3 — 3.5): Hardly at fault for the goal, nearly saved us with a header. Sound rating.

Mazraoui (5 — 4): Maybe a bit harsh. Little he did wrong and he took a beating with fouls drawn. Had a beautiful through ball to Mane in the first half that almost led to a goal for Bayern.

Upamecano (4 — 3.5): Again, perhaps a bit harsh. Perhaps a few of his passes out from the back went begging, but he wasn't alone there.

De Ligt (4 — 4.5): Sound rating. Solid for the most part, but Niederlechner really had him worried on several occasions and he looked far too comfortable to let the ball bounce and try to muscle off his opponent — it caused some tricky situations at the back.

Davies (4 — 4): BFW’s Chuck just told me Davies has lost possession 30 times in two matches. That says it all, though it’s not for his lack of pace and effort. He did have some good interplay in attack against Augsburg.

Kimmich (5 — 4.5): Uncharacteristic performance from Kimmich. Lots of giving the ball away and losing out on 50/50s. Perhaps he needs a bit of a rest?

Goretzka (4 — 5): Easily the better of the pivot and surely frustrated to be subbed off by Sabitzer in a reversal of what happened against Barcelona.

Muller (4 — 3.5): He honestly looked like the dad of the team just expressing his frustration with the lack of chemistry up front. He was getting in the right spaces and making the right movements, but so many passes fired into him let him down and no one seemed to be on the same page with him.

Musiala (4 — 4.5): He seemed to try to do that little shoulder drop shimmy every time a pass was played into him, and that’s just a bit too risky in and around the halfway line or in your own half. He’s amazing at dribbling out of tight spaces, but wound up in no man’s land on a handful of occasions.

Sane (5 — 5): I mean, he was interchanging postion with Mane, Muller, and Musiala, but he just doesn’t seem as effective when he starts on the right flank. Tried one too many back heels, but you can’t blame him for being one of the only players other than Sabitzer to have a hit from outside the box to try to give Gikiewicz something to worry about.

Mane (6 — 5): Honestly felt bad for him. He was trying, but just couldn’t seem to find his stride. Was nearly in with that through ball from Mazraoui in the first half, but might’ve been even lucky not to have been sent off for diving while already on a yellow. He will bounce back.

FC Augsburg v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Augsburg ratings: It’s no surprise that Gikiewicz reeled in with a 1 for the number and quality of his saves, and Mergim Berisha was equally deserving for scoring the winner. Even Florian Niederlechner could have registered a 2 for how troublesome he was the Bayern back line.

How would you have rated the players? Let us know in the comments below!

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