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Bayern Munich AGM to be held on October 15th

Will we see the Qatar argument ended for once and for all?

FC Bayern Muenchen Annual General Meeting Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

The annual general meeting of Bayern Munich (the AGM) will take place on October 15 in the Audi Dome at 6 p.m. CST (12 p.m. EST), as officially announced.

“It is always best for our members if the annual general meeting takes place on a home game weekend. In addition, scheduling on Saturday makes it easier for many working people to take part because they have a more relaxed journey,” president Herbert Hainer explained.

The home game against SC Freiburg will then take place the next day, on October 16. This also has to do with Freiburg’s participation in the UEFA Europa League group stage.

The club is looking forward to a high attendance, encouraging as many members as possible to participate. Formal invitations will be sent.

The biggest question remains as to whether the situation will be as heated as last year’s AGM. One may remember the chaos that erupted as a result of Bayern Munich’s sponsorship by Qatar Airways.

Last year, ahead of the meeting, one of the members, Michael Ott, who was a lawyer, submitted a motion. If voted for, this motion would have forced Bayern to terminate their deal with the Qatari company. Ott claims that the motion wasn’t admitted, as the club ignored it. He proceeded to take the club to court and the court verdict stated that the motion wasn’t urgent enough to be guaranteed admission.

BFW Analysis

In a war of opinions, who stands on the right side?

One side believes that Bayern are a company elbowing their way through the bigwigs of modern football to cement their place.

The other wishes to view Bayern at their purest, as a football club, of the people.

I’m sure the higher-ups aren’t heartless. While it is easy to hold idealistic opinions of wanting Bayern to stay clean, it is hard to implement such a thing in reality, where football has been commercialized for long.

But there certainly has to be another way to do this, right?

And that, is a question we might have the answer for, on October 15.

(Bayern, please, gimme that answer, that day’s my birthday, you won’t deny me a birthday present, right?)

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