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Thomas Müller talks expectations, Bayern Munich’s winning streak, and more

With great transfer windows comes great responsibility.

Müller, arm at full stretch, releases an American football during training in Washington, D.C.
Photo by C. Kursikowski/FC Bayern via Getty Images

With a big transfer window, there’s always a pressure to win more.

Thomas Müller, in an interview with Bild, spoke on the pressure and expectations Bayern Munich will face in the new season.

When asked on whether they no longer have ‘excuses’ to justify failure, Müller emphasizes that they never had excuses to begin with. He views this season to have put them even more clearly in the direction of success, and that the players should understand the same.

“You can clearly see that the club has also made a statement. And accordingly, that should be a signal for us players to do our part so that we can have maximum success in the end”, he declared.

The veteran attacker sees this transfer window as a reaction to a dissatisfactory Champions League exit and an unappetizing Rückrunde, both of which left a lot to be desired. He doesn’t worry too much about Borussia Dortmund’s transfer window. “In my understanding of FCB, it should always be about sweeping your own front door rather than worrying too much about others”.

“But I think it’s good that things are moving at BVB too. You don’t know if BVB will get ten more points because of this. But it’s good for the league”, he said.

Sporting director Hasan “Brazzo” Salihamidžić has not always had a very good time at Bayern, with some transfers that were not up to the mark. Even previous successes like those of Alphonso Davies and Jamal Musiala get forgotten when the failed transfers occur. For a long time, Salihamidžić was at the receiving end of criticism.

This transfer window was the turn of tide for Brazzo, who finds himself finally being appreciated by fans for bringing in big names like Sadio Mané and Matthijs de Ligt. When asked on how he rates Brazzo’s development, Müller is happy for Brazzo. He takes a more thoughtful approach to grading Brazzo’s work, saying the sporting director has been around for long enough to know the ups and downs of the business. Now, Müller believes, is the time for Bayern to do big things with the excellent squad.

He also emphasizes his trust in manager Julian Nagelsmann to improve as he steps into his second season at Bayern.

Being the player with the highest number of Bundesliga trophies, the Raumdeuter is arguably one of the greatest players in German history. When asked whether Bayern’s winning streak in the league will break when he’s still playing, Müller laughs and dismisses such thoughts, saying that if he had to bet, he wouldn’t say so.

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