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The German Farmers League is ruining Europe’s lazy notions

How could this possibly be happening?

FC Barcelona v Manchester City - Friendly Match Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

If you are a football elitist who swears by the Premier League and La Liga as being the gold standards of the sport — and the only leagues that matter — you might find yourself suffering from an invasion of farmers.

Former Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski (now with FC Barcelona) and ex-Borussia Dortmund phenom Erling Haaland (now with Manchester City) are wrecking their competition in Europe’s “big two” and it must be a bitter pill (Bayer, of course) for those elitists to swallow.

Haaland is literally a farmer (how embarrassing!):

Moreover, whenever a lopsided score emerges from Germany, the howls from England and the hisses from Spain light up social media deriding the Bundesliga for being a league populated by farmers, accountants, fry cooks, and real estate agents.

When taking a gander at a couple of scores from England in the last eight months or so (Liverpool 9-0 over Bournemouth from this season and Manchester United 9-0 over Southampton last season), it must be hard to stomach those are some overpaid construction workers and IT guys suiting up for the clubs that got bludgeoned.

Oh, and about the level of competitiveness in England and Spain compared to Germany? Well, the Bundesliga might be dominated by Bayern Munich, but find me one club who will seriously challenge Manchester City this season or any team that can knock off either Real Madrid or FC Barcelona in Spain.

City will slice through the Premier League like a buzzsaw, while Barca and Madrid are a two-horse race in Spain. Sorry Atletico are banished to the children’s table once more.

Like in Germany, France, and Italy, there are one or two major contenders and slew of teams clamoring for Champions League berths. Welcome to modern football across all of Europe.

Anyway, the Prem and La Liga fan boys can keep running their mouths about the superiority of the English and Spanish clubs, but they can also sit back and watch as two former Bundesliga striker absolutely wreck the competition in their respective leagues.

Bundesliga fans, however, will just keep enjoying their clubs work to develop talent and operate in a financially sound manner that do not required layers of lever-pulling...while sipping a nice Weißbier and tuning out all of the noise.

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