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Bayern Munich’s easiest, hardest, most fun, & most nerve-racking draws for the Champions League

Who do you want to see Bayern Munich slotted with in the Champions League draw?

VfL Bochum 1848 v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga Photo by Christina Pahnke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

Bayern Munich will embark on another UEFA Champions League campaign shortly and the big draw for the event is coming up.

Ahead of the formal announcements, let’s ramp up the speculation — and perhaps the suspense — as we take a look at which combination of clubs might represent the easiest, hardest, most fun, and most nerve-racking draws:

Easiest Draw

Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Sporting CP, and Maccabi Haifa FC

While I wouldn’t fear anyone in Pot #2, Pot #3, or Pot #4, I wanted to stick to the theme and tried to envision which clubs would just get overwhelmed by Bayern Munich’s relentless attacking and stifling defense. Right now, Sevilla looks like that candidate in Pot #2, while Sporting CP, and Maccabi Haifa FC should present little resistance as well.

Hardest Draw

Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Inter Milan, and Olympique Marseille

While Bayern Munich would certainly be the favorite in this group, this set of clubs could present the Bavarians with some issues. Jürgen Klopp is in need of a rallying cry to get his (still talented, but not very successful at the moment) boys to step their games back up to the level they should be at. Meanwhile, Inter Milan might be the best of the lot in Pot #3 and Marseille might be able to fight enough to give Bayern Munich headache.

Seeing Bayern Munich’s recent matches, however, still should give fans confidence against any of these opponents.

Most Fun Draw (aka “We’ll do it live! Bleep it!” Draw)

Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Rangers

Matches against Robert Lewandowski (Barca), Romelu Lukaku (Inter), and Malik Tillman (Rangers) would provide a lot of intrigue and surely a lot of good banter. The hype surrounding a Bayern-Barça match would be incredible...and not to mention all of the awkwardness. LET’S DO THIS!

Most Nerve-racking Draw

Bayern Munich, Atlético Madrid, Napoli, Dinamo Zagreb

I specifically tried to identify teams that could make life hell for Bayern Munich in one way or another...and these four just felt right. Atleti has a long and storied history of playing ugly football and mucking games else would anyone try to combat the blazing Bayern Munich attack these days? Atleti are experts in deploying these tactics. As for Napoli, they have just enough offensive talent to play a counter-attacking style that could be a problem for the Bavarians, but Dinamo Zagreb might park every bus in Croatia on the pitch.

Again, Bayern Munich would be a clear favorite in these match-ups, but each of these club has just enough to throw a scare into the Bayern fanbase.

Who would your match-ups be for these scenarios? Tune back in tomorrow for the Champions League draw!

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