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A look into Bayern Munich star Jamal Musiala’s habits that make him the star he is

What’s not to love about this kid?

FC Bayern München v VfL Wolfsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Bayern Munich are extremely lucky to have a player as talented, hard-working and skillful as Jamal Musiala in their ranks. What started off a transfer from the Chelsea FC youth system has now transpired into Bayern having found probably one of their best youth talents of all-time in Musiala. He’s one for the present and a player Bayern will be looking to keep for a very long time to come.

‘Bambi’ has shined for a long time now but has delivered standout performances since the start of the new season against Frankfurt and Wolfsburg that have guaranteed him a spot on the starting XI for nearly every game of the season.

With every great player, one thing remains in common: habits in everyday life that translate onto the pitch as well. Here’s a look at Musiala’s habits that make him the star that he is, as reported by Bild.

Family is the most important aspect of Musiala’s life: his mother and younger siblings are his world. One may remember that his mother drove him to training everyday before he received his driving license.

At the age of 19, a salary of €5 million is a huge amount but ‘Bambi’ carries none of the arrogance or haughty bearings associated with the amount. He drives a modest Audi A3 to training, doesn’t splurge on posh clothing or go on luxury vacations. He instead travelled to England, to reconnect with his friends from his days at Chelsea.

Some of his closest friends are from his Chelsea days, such as Tino Livramento, who now plays at Southampton. Musiala often plays on the PlayStation with him.

Musiala has become a link between the stars and the youngsters on the team, and this has to do with how well he gets along with everyone. The established players have already fully integrated Bambi into the squad. He also revealed that he shares a wavelength with Sadio Mané. Notably, his closest friends on the team are Alphonso Davies and Leroy Sané.

His biggest mentor at Bayern is none other than our very own Thomas Müller. The Raumdeuter often gives tips to Musiala on proper positioning on the pitch and even coaches him on the pitches. One of Müller’s most important tips to the youngster is to “go into the box, and be dangerous.”

Even at his young age, Bambi is already a total perfectionist and always strives to improve. Before the season started, he started training a week early since he wasn’t satisfied with his performances.

He meets neuro-athletic coach Steffen Tepel about once a month and works on details like better regeneration, movement optimization, improving his first touch and most importantly, injury prevention. As a result of his dribbling, Musiala gets hit a lot on his ankles. He works with Tepel to figure out exercises to help get his joints free again after swelling. He also worked with a nutritionist to figure out a diet after finding he had a gluten intolerance and now consumes potatoes more often.

Musiala is a huge basketball fan, sharing the passion with “Phonzie” Davies. He is particularly enthusiastic about the Golden State Warriors and superstar Steph Curry. The 19-year-old himself has also tried out a number of sports: he did Hapkido, a Korean martial art, back in elementary school. He reveals that the smooth movements still help him today on the pitch. He also tested hard rugby and was in a chess club at school in England.

Musiala revealed recently the secret behind his incredible dribbling skills, saying he picked it up by practicing dribbling in very narrow spaces, like rooms. “And if I have the opportunity to turn and attack the defence, then I do it,” the youngster explained.

Bayern Munich alumnus Lothar Matthäus raved about Musiala to Bild, stating that the youngster has all the skills and everything required to be a world-class player. “This lightness, his speed, his technical skills, his playing quality and how he perceives game situations. Before the ball comes, he already knows what he’s going to do with it, picks up the pace and is always offensively oriented. Brilliant, I would almost say,” Matthäus says in awe, describing Musiala’s style of playing.

What’s not to love about this kid? Hope he stays for many years and becomes one of Bayern’s legends.

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