Top 5 Circus Clubs across Europe

5. Everton

In the past 10 years, Everton have spent more on transfers than Bayern !?? Yet they find themselves battling against relegation and nearly were last season.

4. Manchester City

With over a Billion dollars spent on their current squad Man City are starting to make the premier league look like a "farmers" league as they say, yet for all their money spent they always manage to bottle their ultimate target, the champions league, every season. Keep up the good work small club city.

3. Manchester United

Next up is the other club from Manchester who despite numerous coaches and signing some top quality players can’t help themselves from looking like a mid table team. Maguire is also still their captain lol.

2. PSG

Just barely missing out on the top spot is PSG. If we think Lewandowski is a diva he looks like a saint compared to the clowns at this club. It’s a battle between Neymar and Mbappe to determine who is the football king of the clowns. Neymar has been keeping it up with his antics and flops while Mbappe is doing his best to claim top spot by refusing to play in the middle of the match and pushing teammates to try and take a penalty. They only just barely miss out on number 1.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona are well and truly the deserved clown kings of European football. Going into debt and selling half their revenue for the foreseeable future takes the cake. They will pretend they are still a top club but as much as they would h8te 2 see an early champions league exit, the squad they sold their soul for, will leave them trophy-less.

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