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Off the Crossbar: Is Bayern Munich’s Berni on the juice? Is this new look a cry for help? Or is he simply a bear with a plan?

What is going on with Berni?

FC Bayern Muenchen v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Franz Kirchmayr/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

In a stunning reveal, Bayern Munich mascot Berni released a video showing a trimmed down and — dare I say — more svelte physique.

As you will see in the tweet below, this is a dramatic transformation that caused an uproar prior to the match. Fans, players, and pundits alike are all gasping at just how different Berni looks:

This tweet also shows Berni’s new look and you can clearly see that the bear has put in some work (in one way or another):

BFW’s research staff did some digging and it looks like the “change” started back in June. Not quite as jacked as in the new pictures, Berni had already started the process of developing his beach body:

As you can see, things are very different for Berni these days. Check out this pic from just a few seasons ago:

You might be asking...what sparked this transformation? As of now, neither the club nor the bear himself has said. People, however, are theorizing several scenarios that could have sparked such a drastic change.

Did Berni just exit a bad relationship and hit the dating scene (is the theme for this season, “How Berni got his groove back”)? After being turned down by Jamal Musiala, was Berni coerced into working out with Leon Goretzka? Or maybe Berni just “hurt his nose” ala Kenny Powers?

Whatever the case, we have a “new look” Berni.

Sources at BFW recalled Berni’s rollicking, late night lifestyle led to some legal trouble involving Arturo Vidal and Borussia Dortmund’s Emma Bee (likely a very bad influence). Moreover, Julian Nagelsmann extreme focus on fitness might have led to some internal discussions at the club putting Berni’s formerly portly physique in the manager’s crosshairs.

Some have even speculated that former Bunducksliga great, Franz, has fallen on hard times and has politicked internal to usurp Berni’s position, pushing the bear into becoming a new mammal.

As always, BFW will stay on top of this pressing matter.

Good for Berni, though, whatever makes the bear happy is good by us.

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