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Bayern Munich II’s David Herold speaks on the pre-season tour, managing school and football and more

One hell of a kid for sure!

FC Bayern Muenchen U17 v 1. FC Koeln U17 - B Juniors German Championship Semi Final Leg One Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images for DFB

In an interview with, Bayern Munich II’s David Herold talks about special moments on the trip to America, his development on the left flank and the balancing act between school and competitive sport.

The 19-year-old revealed that he found out that he was in the squad for the Audi US Summer Tour from his coaches, after the first Regionalliga fixture for die Amateure against Eichstätt. “My coaches told me for the first time that I could prepare for a week in America. I got the final confirmation the day before the trip,” Herold said.

He proceeded to explain his and his family’s reactions to going to the US, revealing that everyone was very happy that he got the chance.

This was the defender’s first trip outside of Europe. He was very impressed by the buildings, the stadiums and the size of the cities in the US, especially that of Washington DC.

He highlighted his visit to the White House, describing it a unique experience. “Not everyone can claim to have spent a few hours there,” the youngster said.

Recollecting his outing at the D.C. United fixture, Herold called it an indescribable feeling, being in a team with great players. “Everything happened so fast! After Matthijs de Ligt had to be substituted with a slight injury, the coaches told me to get ready. I changed straight from the bank and then came in. There wasn’t time to think about it,” the youngster fondly narrated.

The left-back is very pleased to have completed his Abitur, as he feels finishing school lifts a very heavy burden off his shoulder. He is glad that he can fully focus on football henceforth and fulfill his dreams.

On balancing both school and competitive sport, Herold confessed that it has been tough for him, “Especially towards the end it is difficult to give 100 percent both in sports and at school.”

He stressed that he would never excuse himself for unsatisfactory performances on the sporting side of things using school stress as a reason. “Nevertheless, it was very stressful when I had to go straight to the training ground and study late at night after a long day at school without a break. Looking back, I’m proud that I managed to do both,” he proudly says.

“Especially towards the end of school I noticed that I had a clear head and could play more freely. The games in pre-season and at the start gave me even more self-confidence. I’m happy that I’ve extended my contract and can play here for two more years. I think I’m on the right track.”

As far as goals for the season are concerned, the ambitious youngster has his eyes set on developing his skills. “I want to get the most out of myself and continue to advance my development. For us as a team, of course, everyday league life is in the foreground. We want to win every game and go as far as we can at the end of the season.”

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