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Bayern Munich Frauen II coach Clara Schöne outlines expectations for the season

Making the top part of the table is on the list.

1. FFC Frankfurt v Bayern Muenchen - DFB Cup Final
Lena Lotzen (L) and Clara Schöne (R) on winning DFB Pokal Frauen with Bayern Munich
Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Bongarts/Getty Images

After six years as an FC Bayern player and two seasons as an assistant coach, Clara Schöne was recently appointed coach of Bayern Munich Frauen II. In addition to studying sports science, she is also completing her A-license training and preparing the for the new season in the Frauen 2. Bundesliga.

In an interview with she reveals her take-away points from her time as an active player and the goals her team is pursuing.

Schöne feels that the pre-season training went well, despite the intensity, as the Frauen registered a 5-0 win against SCR Altach from Austria.

The intensity is important, she feels, because it lays the foundation of what the expectations out of the players are, during the season. At the same time, building team spirit and enjoying what they do is equally important, Schöne emphasizes.

Asked on what it means for her to be on the sidelines as a coach, Schöne reveals that when she had to end her playing career, she simply couldn’t imagine not working with a team. Being offered the position of assistant coach and then climbing up the ladder to end up the coach feels right to her and she enjoys the task.

On previous coach Nathalie Bischof, under whom she worked as the assistant coach, Schöne has nothing but praise.

“Nathalie is super structured and has planned everything well, she is very diligent. Now I do it structured like that, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have done it like that if it wasn’t for her. But Nathalie also taught me a lot about dealing with players and parents and about tactical components,” Schöne said, praising the present coordinator of talent promotion.

From her time as a player, Schöne has a lot of points to take, especially her time at Freiburg when she was captain. “I was a player who always organized a lot on the field. I try to pass on this role. I’ve always been a passionate footballer, 100 percent involved in everything. I now expect the same from my players and that’s how I am as a coach, nothing has changed,” she declared.

She outlines the goals of the season to make the top part of the table and to create a good atmosphere where she can keep as many players happy as possible.

Schöne describes the style of football she expects from her players to be “aggressive off the ball; attractive and playful with the ball.”

When asked on what a player needs to do, to make it to the first team, she believes they need ambition, technical prowess and physical fitness to be a part of the elite.

Schöne reveals that she and Alexander Strauss, coach of the Bayern Frauen’s first team are in contact and talk everyday. “I also watched all the training sessions from the first one and he watched my sessions. He also approached me directly after the training and gave me a tip on what I could do better, what he noticed and who he liked. In fact, we had a super close and pleasant exchange right from the first week. I’m excited to see what happens next and I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

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