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Bayern Munich Alumni: Robert Lewandowski ready to fill the superstar void at FC Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski wants to lead by example at FC Barcelona.


When Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona, it sent shockwaves through the sport — and it was only partly due to the dysfunctional outfit he landed with (Paris Saint-Germain).

Just a year later, Robert Lewandowski left Bayern Munich and will attempt to put some salve on those wounds in Catalonia.

Clearly, there is no replacing Messi, but Lewandowski will try to get Barca fans back and focused on the team, rather than an individual player.

“Of course, this is a big opportunity to be the person who can lead on the pitch with body language, to show the guys it doesn’t matter how many goals we have already scored, we can score even more. To always think positively, always play forward, to try to do something more to push and work even harder than before,” Lewandowski told ESPN. “I see already in Barcelona that there are players who are thinking about how to do even more. Sometimes it is not exactly the words. What you say is important, but more important is how you show your body language. What you’re going to do, what you expect for yourself as well, and that’s why I’m ready to be here to show my performance. Also I know that my teammates are ready to follow, not only follow me but follow the way we’re going to be at the end of this season.”

It will not be easy and Lewandowski is certainly the type of individual who will lead by examples...but Messi is Messi — and it might take the FC Barcelona fanbase longer than one year to forget about all of the fine work the Argentinian did during his career in Catalonia.

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