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We did it! BFW has captured the World Soccer Talk “Best Club Podcast” Award for our Bayern Munich-based work

Big thanks to all of you who made this happen!


We did it! And really...I mean we all did it.

You, the BFW staff, some of our Bayern Munich-related social media friends...all of us.

We know we’ve bombarded you with just a ton of requests to vote over the past month, but we are happy to announce that we were able to win World Soccer Talk’s “Best Club Podcast” Award.

So...go ahead, picture me in a baby blue tuxedo and Tommy Adams in an orange tuxedo — channeling our best Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne impressions — as we list out the people to thank for helping us achieve this from our virtual podium!

  • The BFW Community: Without all of you, this does not happen. We love being here every day to serve the content needs of the Bayern Munich fanbase and appreciate every interaction we have with you all. Truly, we did not win this award as a podcast group, this whole community had a big hand in the victory!
  • @FCBayernUS: The U.S.-based social media team for Bayern Munich did us a tremendous solid by interacting with us and helping spread the word. We cannot thank everyone over there enough for the help. You have no idea what this means to us! There are few clubs, organizations, or franchises that are so in tune and accessible to their fanbases. The U.S. team for Bayern has historically been top-notch and Dee Kundra, Richie O’Reilly, and the rest of the U.S. staff was unbelievable in helping spread the word.
  • @iMiaSanMia: Mysterious, but always providing the Twitter-sphere with the latest and greatest Bayern Munich news, @iMiaSanMia gave us a few key re-tweets to spread the word. We love the work they do (as you can tell) and appreciate that they employed the #MiaSanMia mentality in helping a fellow Bayern Munich-based site earn such a great honor.
  • Bayern Munich fans in general: Some of you don’t know us that well, but we appreciate that you were able to give us a chance and actually like what you heard on the podcast or read on the site. We are indebted to you for giving us a chance.

Last, but not least, I want to personally thank everyone on our staff of podcasters and writers. On the podcast, we’ve had Tom, Jake, INNN, Samrin, Schnitzel, Teddy, Fergus, and Swaz contribute over the years and it is a real testament to all of their hard work that we were recognized. Our (now) massive team of writers help curate the content that powers our podcast as well, so thanks to Phil, RLD, Jack, Logan, Alberto, Andrew, Barish, Davis, Evan, Frank, Gopika, Josh, Kartik, Marc, Marcus, Mike, Miran, Cyler, Thor, Soundz, RIPLT, and Zippy.

This is an extremely talented group of writers, editors, and podcasters that come together every day to put out the best content possible. We’ll be rolling out more and more of them on the podcast as this season goes on as well.

And now a special note from Tom:

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of our listeners and supporters. The Bayern family is like nothing else in the sporting world. I absolutely love doing the podcast and am elated to be a part of such an amazing community. Being able to talk Bayern Munich and football in general is one of my favorite things to do and I still sometimes have to pinch myself, realizing the capacity I’m able to do it at and the reach it has. I hope my genuine passion comes across on the airwaves. Would also like though thank all of the other contributors, not just to BPW, but for BFW as well; everything we do continuously pushes the envelope further.

A special thanks to Jake and Chuck. A simple tweet years ago turned into BPW and what is now an award winning show. You two invited me on and have helped me learn along the way tremendously! Chuck is a grade A champ at listening to my melodramatic complaints sometimes regarding the software we use.

For reference, here is the tweet that started it all:

So, thank you all! We are thoroughly excited to have won this award. We’ll get together soon enough to talk over this win for a special edition of the podcast...stay tuned.

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