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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller says that his horses don’t ask him, “Why did you miss the goal again?”

Unlike some football fans, Müller’s horses don’t complain about his performances.

35. Stuttgart German Masters Photo by Sebastian Gollnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

Thomas Müller’s wife, Lisa Müller recently made her debut at the classic CHIO in Aachen with her eight-year-old gelding “Gut Wettlkam’s Chuck Bass.” Thomas cheered for his wife from the stands and recorded her performance with his cell phone.

While talking to Bild, Thomas Müller opened up about his horsekeeping, his wife’s participation in equestrian tournaments, and their relationship with the horses.

“My wife and I are very fascinated by horses. For the sport of equestrian, Aachen is the Mecca; you can compare that to the Champions League. We’re both a little nervous. As a passive spectator you experience it more emotionally, you tremble with everything,” Thomas Müller said.

The Champions League of horses? Of course, the excitement went through the hoof.

“I know what needs to be done. We talk about the horses; I give my input. Horses are the number one topic of conversation with us. When it comes to the competition, you have your bag with you, it has everything you need: sugar, towel, fly spray. A horse always needs a little bit of sugar,” Thomas Müller remarked.

You see, like at Bayern Munich, here also Thomas is saddled with responsibilities.

At home, the Müllers run their horse breeding together. Their relationships with their horses are always very stable. And when he has a bad day, his horses don’t show him the long faces: “It’s great fun to see the horses grow up, the moments that you have with them from birth. The advantage is: they cannot speak. The horse doesn’t say to you in the evening: ‘You didn’t work so well today, why did you miss the goal again?’”

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