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FC Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski rants on Bayern Munich exit: “There were a lot of sh*t things said about me”

Two inflammatory stories about Barcelona in 24 hours. I guess the gods want the FCB clubs to be at war again.

Barcelona Press Conference & Training Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski was asked yet again about his transfer from Bayern Munich to FC Barcelona, this time by ESPN FC’s Cristina Alexander in an exclusive interview. And yet again, he dropped some puzzling quotes about his exit from the Bavarian giants.

First, though, what Lewandowski does is directly address the idea that he moved because Bayern tried to sign Erling Haaland. “I am the [kind of] guy that, even if [I hear] something’s not good for me, [the] truth is more important. If the question is if the decision to move out is because of him, no. I didn’t see the problem if [Haaland] joined Bayern Munich.”

However, he kept on emphasizing his desire for the truth. “But, if some kind of people don’t tell me the truth and do something different...for me it was always important to me to say [the truth]. Mainly for a few people...”

Here Lewandowski breaks off, takes a breath and plunges back in, “...that was the problem.”

Read between the lines, or even take a single reading comprehension class, and Lewandowski’s message becomes abundantly clear. He was upset because he thinks the likes of Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamdižic weren’t entirely honest with him about the club’s interest in Haaland.

This contrasts interestingly with Pini Zahavi’s comments on the club’s interest with Haaland, as the lovingly dubbed “Piranha” also bemoaned the club’s lack of transparency but seemed to focus more on the frustration of his client being replaced by the Norwegian striker, one which Lewandowski simply does not seem to share. The plot thickens, eh?

Lewandowski continues by explaining the process of deciding to leave Bayern. He states that he realized “something did not work well with my person” and that it made him realize he wanted to leave, citing that “this chapter is over and I open a new chapter in my life and career.”

Then he drops another curious quote. “Everything that’s happened in the last few weeks before I left Bayern, that was of course a lot of politics. The club tried to find [a good] argument as to why they can sell me to another club because before it was difficult to explain [the situation to] the fans. And I had to accept this even [though] that was a lot of bullsh*t, a lot of sh*t things said about me, not true.”

This one is a doozy. Not only does Lewandowski strongly imply that the club did not tell him the truth, he then claims the club said a lot of false things about him to the fans. Perhaps the Polish striker’s complaint was more about the things said about him floating around social media, but will any Bayern fans give him the benefit of the doubt?

Lewandowski seems to think so. “The fans, during this period, still supported me a lot and that was, for me, really amazing.”

Did we see any positive reception from the fans? Who knows where Lewandowski is looking. In any case, the Bayern board and Lewandowski continue to contradict each other about what exactly happened during this lengthy saga. It will be interesting to see if we will ever get a singular story that everyone agrees on. For now, let’s hope that the shockwaves of this transfer will die down soon.

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