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Just a sexy boy? Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann tops hot manager list

Is there just too much sexy in the lead photo? You tell us.

Nagelsmann exchanges an embrace with Niko Kovač after a 2019 match between RB Leipzig v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga
‘Don’t fret, Niko, there’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking.’
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

At a time where we see A LOT of odd stories, this one, well, it might take the big, sexy beefcake.

According to the JOYclub (where BFW staffers Teddy and Ineednoname would be turned away at the door....HEY-O!), Nagelsmann edged sexy fellows like wannabe hot ski instructor Edin Terzić and Joseph Gordon-Levitt doppelgänger Niko Kovač in overall sexiness. Here are the final numbers:

  • Nagelsmann: 15.7%
  • Terzić: 13.8%
  • Kovač: 9.9%

Here is some sexy context:

Above all, the fans of FC Bayern Munich are behind their coach. Every third fan of the club voted for Nagelsmann. An honor bestowed on only four other coaches in the 2022/23 season. One in six RB Leipzig fans also voted for him, confirming: The desire for the ex makes you forget even painful separations.

If you ask me, Steffen Baumgart and his Kangol hat got complete robbed.

BFW Analysis (what has my life come to?)

I don’t feel super-qualified to really rate the sex appeal of these coaches, but I will say that if Bayern Munich had released the infamous “99 Luftballoons” karaoke video (RELEASE THE TAPE!), Kovač would have likely won in a landslide.

Give Terzić a snowboard and he would be rolling in snowbunnies in no time as well.

As for Nagelsmann, I just keep picturing him doing this at the bar to throw out the vibe:

I cannot get this image out of my head. Just throw the head of ol’ Jules on that GIF and YOU KNOW it fits.

Moreover, I will be absolutely distraught if the Allianz Arena DJ is not bumping this at the first home match when Nagelsmann takes the pitch:

This also made me wonder if The Joy Club is compiling a list of Sexiest Bayern Munich-related website managers...would I make the cut? Who would my competition be? Do I need to grease up and breakout the ol’ hammock?

These are questions I need answered.

Anyway, who’s your Sexy Beast among Bundesliga managers? Tell us in the comments below...if you dare.

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