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Final! Germany 2 - 0 Austria: Initial reactions and observations

A team on a mission.

Kathrin-Julia Hendrich battles on the sideline with Austria’s Barbara Dunst during the frist half of Germany-Austria Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The final whistle goes! Quick-hit thoughts on the 2-0 final scoreline:

  • Another clean sheet for Germany but this was a battle. Austria applied the pressure from the off and had many, many chances to both take the lead and equalize.
  • An influential crossbar: the two teams took turns hitting the post without changing the scoreline.
  • Germany’s press wins out again. For a long time, the second half looked like it could go either way. In the end, Germany reasserted control through a dominant press. Austria lived on the edge trying to play out the back, and finally got punished near the very end of the game.
  • What a fairytale for Alexandra Popp. Had this tournament been held on schedule last year, the veteran Germany international would have missed her third straight EURO. Instead, she now has four goals in four games.
  • We’re onto the semi-finals. A true, mighty fight from Austria, who can hold their heads high. For Germany, it was a high-quality test that should help this team along.

90’: GOOOOOOOALLLL!!!!! Unbelievable! Alexandra Popp scores! It’s the German press again and this time the striker pounces on the Austrian keeper’s goal kick. It deflects off Popp and straight into the net!

82’: WIDE!!!!! That was the moment! Germany win the ball in midfield again and immediately turn on the jets. Alexandra Popp slides the ball right across goal to find Klara Bühl, who fires at a wide-open net...and to the left of the post.

That’s her last action of the game as she comes off for Jule Brand.

78’: CHANCE! Germany win the ball high again, and Bühl cuts in from the left wing to fire a laser at the top corner. It bounces off the crossbar!

77’: Austria are hanging by a thread! The German press wins the ball high again and a looping cross just barely fails to reach Alexandra Popp on the far post. It’s been luckless so far for Popp.

73’: Another mistake passing out the back nearly punished by the Germany press, who intercept the keeper. Linda Dallman’s long-range shot fires harmlessly over the bar.

72’: Germany are denied a corner after Gwinn corrals the left-back by the flag. Sure seemed like the ball was last off the Austrian defender. Austria bring on some fresh legs.

69’: A mistake in build-up! Germany have it intercepted as they try to pass out of the left flank, and Bayern’s Sarah Zadrazil threads it through to the opposite side for a chance. A dangerous ball flashes across the German goal, but it’s cut out.

63’: Linda Dallmann and Lena Lattwein are warming up on the sidelines. A shakeup in central midfield for the Germans incoming as they try to seize back control of the game.

It’s the goal-scorer, Magull, who comes off as well as Sara Däbritz.

59’: Däbritz is booked for shoving Austrian winger Hickelsberger-Füller, who had her beat. The Austrian #8 has been giving Germany real problems tonight.

57’: Off the post, again!! Austria looked sure to score off the corner, but sheer luck saves the Germans yet again! Lots of trouble clearing the lines here from the Germany defense.

54’: Giulia Gwinn’s inside run through the right half-space is causing Austria problems. The right-back is chopped down near the edge of the box and throws her arms up in frustration at the referee, who is unmoved.

52’: Danger for Germany! Bayern Munich’s Sarah Zadrazil drives through space in midfield and slides her winger in on goal. Frohms barely gets there first.

A minute later, an error in distribution from Frohms leads to a long-distance try from Austria — which hits the crossbar! Germany breathe, just barely.

49’: Bühl again with the danger! A darting run that reaches the byline and a cutback across the face of goal. Anything might’ve happened but the bounce clears for Austria.

46’: Kickoff! No changes at the break, it looks like, and Klara Bühl gets us underway with a searing strike from distance that glances off the outside of the post. Nearly a jump-start to the second half!

Half-time thoughts: Germany 1 - 0 Austria

  • Austria have put Germany under sustained pressure, but haven’t found a scoring touch.
  • Germany have likewise under-performed relative to chances created, but have the all-important goal through Bayern Munich’s Lina Magull.
  • Magull grabbed her hamstring around the 40’ mark and we hope she’ll be OK to continue.
  • 45 minutes stand between Germany and the semi-finals.

We have lineups!

Alexandra Popp captains again for a largely unchanged Germany side compared to the group stage first-choice XI. Kickoff in 40 minutes.

Germany (4-3-3): Frohms (GK); Rauch - Hegering - Hendrich - Gwinn; Magull - Oberdorf - Däbritz; Bühl - Popp (c) - Huth

Austria (4-1-4-1): Zinsberger (GK); Hanshaw - Georgieva - Wenninger (c) - Wienroither; Puntigam; Dunst - Feiersinger - Zadrazil - Hickelsberger-Füller; Billa

The knockouts are here. Many wondered which Germany team would show up to this summer’s EURO, but nobody’s asking now. The class team of the group stages are back at Brentford, site of their 2-0 announcement win over Spain, and ready to steer this ship home. To do so, they’ll first need to navigate a tricky test against Austria, a stout opponent with three familiar Bayern Munich faces in their starting XI.

Today’s occasion marks the first time the continental neighbors have played each other competitively, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: a spot in the EURO 2022 semi-finals against either France or the Netherlands.

The last two friendly encounters were in 2016 and 2018, so there should be some recent familiarity between the sides. Germany emerged victorious both times, but it’s Austria who boast the stronger record from their last EURO — making it to the semis in 2017 while Germany endured a quarter-final knockout to Denmark.

Much has changed — beginning with a pronounced 4-0 German trouncing of Denmark to open the tournament. Austria have their work cut out for them, but Germany will need to maintain their glittering form in order to advance.

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Match Info

Location: Brentford Community Stadium, London

Time: 3:00pm ET, 8:00pm local time

TV/streaming: USA — ESPN2 / TUDN USA,; UK — BBC iPlayer, Find Your Country

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