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Julian Nagelsmann explains how Bayern Munich will change systems to offset the loss of Robert Lewandowski to FC Barcelona

Sadio Mane is going to be key to it all.

FC Bayern Team Presentation Photo by Thomas Hiermayer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

With Robert Lewandowski completing his transfer to FC Barcelona this summer, Bayern Munich no longer have the greatest striker in the world starting up top. Given that the 33-year-old was practically guaranteed to get a goal every game, fans are wondering how the team will cope with his loss. So Bavarian Football Works decided to ask Julian Nagelsmann himself what he thinks.

Short version: He’s not worried.

Our very own Jake Fenner was at the press conference where Nagelsmann answered the media’s questions before Bayern take on DC United in the first friendly of preseason. Here’s his reply (with video!):

Jake (BFW): You mentioned before that there are very few players that can score 40 goals in a season. Because you’re losing a player like that, should Bayern Munich fans be worried?

Nagelsmann: No. (laughs)

Nagelsmann: I think that, as a manager, we have a lot of players, and when we talk about our forwards ... six, seven players who can score goals. When you have a forward like Robert in the team, your style is always typical — you do a bit more crosses because you know that there is a striker who can finish with his head, who can finish with his feet, with both feet ...

So at the end, the way of playing, the style will be a bit different in the future. I think it’s a challenging situation at the moment. That’s normal because it’s kind of a new Bayern Munich.

Lewy was here for eight years and most of the time he scored thirty, forty goals at the end. So it’s a new Bayern Munich and it’s kind of a challenging moment but it’s always a competition and I love challenging moments — it’s good for Brazzo, it’s good for my team, it’s good for the coaching staff to try to solve these situations, to be creative, find new solutions, find new movements, perhaps new formations.

But at the end, when you prepare games, when you prepare against Bayern Munich, you know that if you try to solve the situation with Lewy and get a good man-on-man coverage against Lewy, it was a bit “easier” to play against Bayern Munich. Now, it’s not that easy to find the best solution when I talk about the opponent’s defenders because there is no Lewy to defend.

So, I think it’s challenging, but do not be afraid. We will have a good solution.

A comprehensive answer, confirming that Bayern WILL change this season compared to previous ones. Now what kind of changes will we see? Well, we’ll have our first glimpse of it in tonight’s game against DC United. Players like Thomas Muller, Sadio Mane, and Serge Gnabry will likely be key to this new mystery system.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to speculate, check out the latest episode of our podcast!

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