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Bayern Munich II Spotlight, Part 2: Transfers

As always, with a transfer window comes a bajillion changes in Bayern II’s squad.

Coach Martin Demichelis puts his arm around captain Nicolas Feldhahn after a 3. Liga match in May of 2021
With outgoings like retired captain Nicolas Feldhahn, coach Martin Demichelis will need to search for new solutions
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

This is the second part of our three-part season preview series for Bayern Munich II. Here, we’ll be looking at the many, many, many changes in the squad this year (including the January transfer window). Who has left? Who might leave? Who is or could be arriving? We’ll look at squad depth and analyze the changes.

Keep in mind that movement is still ongoing. However, as of now, this is a comprehensive list of changes within the Bayern II squad.


  • Leaving: Nemanja Motika (January), Oliver Batista Meier (January), Armindo Sieb, Christopher Scott
  • Might leave: Malik Tillman, Gabriel Vidović
  • Joining: Mamin Sanyang, Yusuf Kabadyi
  • Might join: Leon-Gran Ranos, Paul Wanner

Full list of current attackers: Sanyang, Kabadayi, Lucas Copado, Emilian Metu

In attack, Bayern has lost some fantastic players. All of the departing attackers are really good. The question will be whether Bayern II has been able to sufficiently replace them. Tillman and Vidović aren’t guaranteed to leave but logically, they have permanently outgrown this level.

Kabadayi, Sanyang, Lucas Copado and Emilian Metu were the only attackers taking part in preseason in a squad that always uses three attackers. 16-year old Arijon Ibrahimović will likely start the season with the U-19 squad, and Wanner is looking at either the first team or a loan out. The attack is therefore very thin and has lost quality this summer. If Ranos were to join the squad, that could change the outlook — but he hasn’t taken part in preseason.


  • Leaving: Maximilian Welzmüller, (Taylor Booth)
  • Joining: Luca Denk, Behar Neziri

Full list of current midfielders: Denk, Neziri, Eyüp Aydin, Timo Kern, Hyunju Lee, Moritz Mosandl

In midfield, things will remain relatively the same. Neither Welzmüller nor Booth regularly started in midfield, though their losses impact the overall quality of the squad. Mosandl was injured all of last season, but if he stays fit this season will contribute to improving depth. Booth had gotten most of his minutes in defense.

Defense + Goalkeepers

  • Leaving: Bright Arrey-Mbi (January), Jamie Lawrence, Nicolas Feldhahn, Taylor Booth
  • Joining: Liam Morrison, Justin Janitzek, Roman Reinelt, Antonio Tikvić, Leon Fust, David Herold
  • Might join: Gabriel Marusic, Johannes Schenk

Full list of current defenders:

  • Center-backs: Morrison, Janitzek, Reinelt, Tikvić
  • Fullbacks: Fust, Herold, Angelo Brückner, Jonas Kehl
  • Goalkeepers: Jakob Mayer, Manuel Kainz

The defense changed the most this offseason. Every CB that Bayern II started the 2021/22 season with is gone, and the team has four new defenders in their place. The new group will be interesting, and coach Martin Demichelis may opt to switch to a back three. All of them bar Tikvić played together in the U-19s, so familiarity will not be an issue. Marusic might join, but he hasn’t taken part in preseason.

Taylor Booth, also listed in the midfield section, spent most of his time at right-back. The reliable Angelo Brückner will move from left to right and likely do well. However, it’s unclear if the other fullback — Fust or Herold — will maintain the quality of play Booth provided.

Final Verdict

Bayern II’s squad changes considerably every season. It was inevitable to see the top performers leave, having outgrown the fourth division of German football. The squad got worse, but it was inevitable, especially given the individual quality on offer last season.

This year, though, the squad projects to still be very much competitive. Achieving promotion is a goal that remains in sight for this upcoming season.

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