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Introducing BFW’s new writers!

You already know most of them.

FC Bayern Muenchen Extends Contract With Thomas Mueller Until 2024 Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Hi everyone! I’ve been bullied by the folks on our Slack channel to write an intro for our new writers here on BFW. These guys and gals will be helping us cover Bayern Munich for the upcoming season and beyond. Here’s a handy introduction to all of them.


So this is where it gets tough because I don’t actually know anything about these people. Us folks at BFW are all just strangers on the internet united by our love of Bayern Munich, and I honestly don’t know what else I can tell you.

Most of you will know Barish from the comments section of our articles.

Strengths: Seems pretty sensible. Prefers Kolkata biriyani.

Weaknesses: Uhhh ....


Marc’s claim to fame is that he’s the youngest writer on BFW at the moment, surpassing Cyler who’s looking almost geriatric in comparison. Congrats, Marc!

Strengths: Zoomer energy.

Weaknesses: Is named “Marc” so he may get forgotten by Chuck.

RIP London Teams

It’s in the name. He doesn’t like London teams. What could be more Bavarian than that? He’s also BFW’s only member from the Philippines at the moment. We really have folks from all over the world.

Strengths: He hasn’t told me yet.

Weaknesses: Long username.


Atletico Sunshine is well known for being a long time member of the site, having joined all the way back in 2014. He tends to disappear for long periods of time before returning with the longest post you’ve ever seen. What does he do on these mysterious journeys? Can someone actually write for BFW without being terminally online? Guess we’ll have to find out.

Strengths: Argumentative streak.

Weaknesses: BVB sympathizer who comments on Fear the Wall.


It’ll really annoy her if I don’t say anything here.

Strengths: Consigliere of the Muller Mafia.

Weaknesses: Inter Milan fan on the side.


Soundz is new to BFW so we don’t know much about him yet, but in his intro letter he told us that he was born and raised in Germany and speaks a ton of languages fluently. Hope you guys get to know him better in the coming months!

Strengths: Human google translate.

Weaknesses: The lab is working on it.


You guys should know zippy from the comments section. I hope that’s enough because I’m really running out of things to say about everyone.

Strengths: Has an eye for detail.

Weaknesses: Arsenal fan. You guys know what to do.

Frank Mo

Frank is already famous on the blog for his in-depth commentary on FCBII and the youth setup. If you have any questions the campus or its talents, youth players on loan, and anything besides, he’s your man.

Strengths: Knows a lot about Bayern’s youth setup.

Weaknesses: Knows a lot about Bayern’s youth setup.

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