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When Worlds Collide: An “unholy” alliance between Bayern Munich and Bild?

The title of this post is not just a bad ass Powerman 5000 song.

FC Bayern Muenchen Unveils New Signing Sadio Mane Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

At Bavarian Football Works, we typically do not delve into the personal details of Bayern Munich’s players unless we absolutely have to. Simply put, unless a couple of players get into a fight, nearly get thrown into the pokey, or go out for a wild night on the town against the coach’s best wishes, we typically stay away.

Similarly, we almost never take a dive into the relationships of players and what kind of crazy stuff anyone might be into during their time away from the pitch.

This time, however, we are just going to note this as news, because, well, it involves the news media — Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann is in a relationship with Bild reporter Lena Wurzenberger.

Bild formally announced the move with an article, so there is no cover up here, just an odd situation. When dealing with this kind of story, though, we went to the experts over in England to see what they had to say. Here is what the Daily Mail is reporting:

A sports reporter covering Bayern Munich for Germany’s biggest newspaper BILD has been taken off of their coverage of the club after discovering she is in a relationship with manager Julian Nagelsmann.

As announced by the German publication themselves, they have released Lena Wurzenberger from reporting on the club ‘with immediate effect’ following the discovery. It comes after they reported earlier this month that Nagelsmann had split up with his wife Verena after 15 years together.

Another German outlet, Sport1, reported that a photo was seen which showed Nagelsmann and his new partner together on vacation - on a yacht off Ibiza. Wurzenberger has been forced to give up her position covering Bayern to avoid any conflict of interest between her private and professional life.

It’s said Nagelsmann is keen to keep their relationship private, as she is well known among Bayern players from her ‘countless interviews’ with them.

We are not here to pile on Nagelsmann, Wurzenberger, or Bild — we literally do not care who Nagelsmann dates or who he is involved with. There will, however, be an adjustment in Bild’s coverage with Wurzenberger off of the beat, so we thought you should know.

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