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Update: Bayern Munich is considering taking its €19 million per year offer to Serge Gnabry off the table

Not a good sign.

Germany Training Session In Herzogenaurach Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Update: June 7th — 9:53AM EST — Bayern is considering pulling its offer off the table

According to Bild, Bayern Munich could withdraw its latest offer to Serge Gnabry. While that does not mean negotiations would end, it certainly sends a message that the club is not happy with Gnabry’s alleged decision to spurn the proposal:

Update: June 3rd — 6:50PM EST — Gnabry plans to enter final season of deal without extension

According to Sport1’s Kerry Hau, Serge Gnabry wants to stay with Bayern Munich next season, but likely will not sign a new deal with the club. Effectively, Gnabry is going to let this all play out before making a decision:

According to SPORT1 information, Serge Gnabry wants to play in Munich next season because he feels comfortable in Julian Nagelsmann’s team and in the city. However, the offensive all-rounder still sees no rush to clarify his open future. He did not accept FC Bayern’s latest contract offer. This puts the issue of extension on hold, Gnabry is currently planning to go into his last year of the contract without a decision.

This can be viewed a couple of different ways, but it seems like Gnabry knows what he is worth now after Bayern Munich’s latest offer and likely wants to see what his role moving forward would be. What better way to approach things than a little “try it before you buy it” action from Gnabry.

Update: June 2nd — 5:35PM EST — There still might be (slight) hope!

For those hoping to see Serge Gnabry sign a new deal with Bayern Munich, there is at least some hope, even if it looking increasingly more unlikely per Sky Sport.

According to Sky, if no agreement can be reach reached, Bayern Munich will seek to sell Gnabry for approximately €40 million this summer — which seems low

Sky is also reporting that Arsenal FC and Real Madrid are interested, but have not made an offer as of yet.

Update: June 2nd — 3:45PM EST — Gnabry’s people are confused at his decision

With the news breaking that Serge Gnabry — allegedly — turned down a €19 million per year offer from Bayern Munich, many fans felt confused as to why the Germany international might say “no” to such a big proposal.

Rest easy, though, even members of Gnabry’s entourage do not get it:

It would seem that feeling of being unappreciated and the flirting with other attackers might have turned the 26-year-old off.

If you were holding out hope that Bayern Munich and Serge Gnabry were going to be able to come an agreement on a new contract, you might be disappointed.

According to a report from Bild (as captured by @iMiaSanMia), Gnabry has astoundingly — and allegedly — turned down a €19 million per year offer from Bayern Munich. it would seem very unlikely that the club will improve that offer.

Now, it appears that the club will have to seriously begin exploring options for a sale as Bild is also reporting that Bayern Munich bosses will not improve their offer to Gnabry. No further talks are scheduled.

On Thursday at a press conference for the German national team, Gnabry avoided talking about his contract situation, but did not hold back when talking about “appreciation.”

“I don’t want to comment on my contract situation. There’s no need to try with more questions,” said Gnabry (as captured by @iMiaSanMia). “It’s something that goes both ways. But it’s not always about money like it’s written in the media. You get appreciation in a variety of ways at the club. That’s why it’s not always about the money for us players, as is usually reported.”

And yes, Gnabry has heard the rumors about Bayern Munich pursuing Liverpool’s Sadio Mane.

“I don’t want to say anything about that,” Gnabry stated.

Gnabry has been linked to Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal FC, and Tottenham Hotspur among others.

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