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Weekend Warm-up: Is there a failure to communicate at Bayern Munich?; Will Julian Nagelsmann go full Mad Scientist in 2022/23?; Throwing it back to a Metallica cover; Stranger Things and Obi-Wan Kenobi updates; and MORE!

This week was insane for Bayern Munich, let’s unpack it.

FC Bayern Muenchen Celebrates Winning The Bundesliga Photo by Thomas Hiermayer/vi/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

For 2022/23, Julian Nagelsmann will have his work cut out for him at Bayern Munich.

Things could be tough enough for the manager when there is a legitimate possibility that Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry will join Niklas Süle in bolting the club — leaving a huge void in the attack. No matter who Bayern Munich brings in to help reduce the pain of those possible exits, there will have to be a plan on how to best integrate new players (who will likely have to play vital roles) and how to lower the noise surrounding the team.

Working on those two things at the same time seems pretty daunting.

Nagelsmann, who is known for his creativity and ingenuity as a manager, will have to be at his absolute best for how to problem solve a line-up that could have too many parts for the same position and not enough bite in its attack (depending on who leaves and who comes in).

We have already seen reports that Nagelsmann could be tinkering with several different formations, along with some new or adjusted roles for several players. It remains to be seen just how this rosters shakes could be good or it could be...not so good, but what we know is that Nagelsmann has not exactly been set up for success by his front office. There is a clear divide between the executives and the players (an Ivory Tower mentality perhaps?) and maybe even a lack of a formal plan for how to deal with all of this.

Caught in the middle of all of that, however, is Nagelsmann.

Already in the crosshairs of some fans, Nagelsmann has an incredibly tough task ahead of him, even if Lewandowski and Gnabry stay. Integrating new players, developing and implementing tactics, and attempting to guide a team through the treacherous terrain of a new season are just the type of challenges that Nagelsmann seems to love — but this could be too big of a hill to climb even for someone as ambitious as Nagelsmann.

There is a lot of baggage associated with this upcoming season already and it will be on the shoulders of Nagelsmann to create ways to not only make it all work, but keep everyone on the same page — and find a way to win at least two trophies (which seems to be the bare minimum for some fans for 2022/23).

As we know, that is always easier said than done.

Communication breakdown, it’s always the same

Whatever has been going on at Bayern Munich with regard to the club’s communication and handling of its players needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Whether it has been Robert Lewandowski, Niklas Süle, or Serge Gnabry, the transfer saga of each player had undertones focused more on “appreciation” than money.

In today’s world that seems ludicrous, but it appears to be a prevalent and consistent issue occurring between the Bayern Munich front office and the players.

Whether it is sporting director Hasan “Brazzo” Salihamidzic’s lack of tact, CEO Oliver Kahn’s laissez-faire approach, or president Herbert Hainer’s penchant for commenting after the fact, the whole front office group needs to be held accountable for what seems like a very easy issue to fix.

We know that this type of issue played a role in Hansi Flick leaving the club and now players are all singing the same tune on their way out the door.

It’s not a rumor, it is now a trend.

And the worst part of all of this is I cannot get this out of my head now:

Let’s hope Bayern Munich can solve this issue sooner rather than later.

Bavarian Podcast Works: Weekend Warm-up Podcast Season 1, Episode 52

Typically when you hit up the Weekend Warm-up Podcast, you will hear some analysis and positivity — but we threw that out the window this week.

It is not time to panic yet, but it is time to wonder if anyone knows what the hell is going on at Bayern Munich these days.

After a crazy week of news, this is what we have on tap:

  • A look at Robert Lewandowski’s verbal cutting of ties to Bayern Munich.
  • Examining the potential move for Sadio Mane.
  • How Serge Gnabry’s rejection of a €19 million offer shows there is something bad brewing at Bayern Munich.
  • Why Julian Nagelsmann’s job is going to be a lot harder in year two.
  • A look at the lack of direction and reactionary action from the Bayern Munich front office.

Song of the Week: “Tuesday’s Gone” by Metallica

Most people know the original version of this (also great), which was performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but this rendition by Metallica and some friends is pretty awesome.

Released in 1998 on the Garage, Inc. double CD (yes, CD!), Metallica teamed with Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on guitar, Pepper Keenan from Corrosion of Conformity, John Popper from Blues Traveler, Les Claypool from Primus, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, and Jim Martin (Faith No More), who was credited as Fatso.


Entertainment rundown

I stayed up way too late this week...

Stranger Things

I got through the first half of Season 4 — and it was tremendous. Without going all spoiler-y, I can say that if you had questions about the origin of how this whole thing got started, they will be answered. Moreover, the continuation of that story evolves really nicely. The characters pick right up where they left off in terms of development and it looks like things are heading toward a satisfying ending — for this season.

I’m already looking forward to the release of final episodes for this season and there are rumors that there will be a Season 5.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I am two episodes deep and so far, so good. I’ll get this out of the way and say that it is not perfect and some characters are borderline annoying, but the story seems to be headed in the proper direction and Ewan McGregor is great as always.

If you are a Star Wars nerd, you need to put this on your list.

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