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Bavarian Lack-of-Appreciation Works: Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthäus is heartbroken

How could Brazzo do this?

1. FC Cologne - FC Schalke 04 Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images

Welcome to the newest edition of Bavarian Lack-of-Appreciation Works.

David Alaba, Hansi Flick, Niklas Sule and Serge Gnabry, now club legend Lothar Matthäus falls victim to the vicious attack, that is, the much dreaded, ‘lack of appreciation’. And unsurprisingly, it is again Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic who is the reported perpetrator.

But this was not your usual, run-of-the-mill ‘lack of appreciation’, no sir, this was something much more vicious, much more vile and much more ruthless. Matthäus said that this was, in fact, a lack of appreciation, shown towards his own appreciation. Yes, dear reader, Lothar claims that, Hasan “Brazzo” Salihamidzic didn’t even bother to appreciate the appreciation Lothar had shown towards him. Now that, is horror!

In an interview with Tz, Matthäus spoke about Bayern Munich’s signing of Sadio Mane. But in that interview, Lothar could not help but mention that he did not receive any phone call from Brazzo after Matthäus landed heaps of praise on him for getting that Mane deal done. When all Lothar wanted was a “Thank you” — a “Thank you” from his dear bickering-partner and a “Thank you” that, never came.

But Lothar Matthäus remembers. Lothar remembers the times when he criticized Brazzo in the past. Brazzo did not shy away from dialing up Lothar’s number constantly then. Lothar remembers his phone would not stop ringing. So this time when he praised Brazzo, where are the phone calls now?

Matthäus: “When I rightly criticized him and his transfer policy or other decisions in the past few months, my phone rang regularly,” Matthäus classifies his request. Salihamidzic can now do this again and “thank you for the praise”… “It would be great if Hasan picked up the phone and not just when something didn’t suit him”.

Matthäus won’t return the disrespect though. He refuses to be that man. Instead, he chooses to be the bigger man here, Lothar chooses to be, the bigger appreciator. He praised Salihamidzic once again, saying that the transfer of Sadio Mané would enrich the Bundesliga.

Matthäus: “Anyone who guides such an extraordinary football player like Mané to Säbener Straße and thus enriches the club and the Bundesliga deserves all the praise in the world,”

Thank you — two simple words. But it’d mean the world to Matthäus if those came from Hasan Salihamidzic. Lothar has been good, surely, he deserves that at the very least! Surely, Brazzo would not be that cruel! Or has he forgotten Matthäus? Has the man with whom he used to quarrel so often in the media slipped his mind? Has he abandoned the thoughts of all of those sweet and sour moments of public bickering, they shared together? In this appreciation-less world dear reader, everything is possible.

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