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Fear the beard? Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich takes heat for his facial hair

Kimmich’s moustache is the stuff of legends.

Germany Training Session In Herzogenaurach
Look at that!
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Normally when an athlete forms a partnership with Gillette, you wouldn’t think much of it. However, if that athlete happens to be Bayern Munich midfield (or should I say moustache) maestro Joshua Kimmich, you just can’t help yourself. Kimmich has recently partnered with Gillette, who manufactures razors, and follows in the footsteps of fellow teammates Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka, and Thomas Müller who have done the same before.

If there’s anything you should know about Kimmich and his partnerships with companies who make razors, it’s that he is not known for growing facial hair and it excites fans every time the German international has done so.

One person couldn’t stop herself from poking fun at Kimmich, someone who has a knack for doing stuff like this. Who is this person you ask? It’s none other than his wife, Lina, whom he married just this month. Lina’s smug comment under the midfielder’s Instagram post read:

Wow. Now I’ve really read everything.

It’s not the first time that Lina had a go at Kimmich, and not the other meaning you believe it might be. Suffice to say that Kimmich’s ‘stache is a rare sight and that you should savor every moment, and every follicle.

Germany Portraits - UEFA Euro 2020
“Yes Josh, it looks good on ya!“
Photo by Boris Streubel - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Another person also joined in the fun and aimed a dig at Kimmich, his long-time companion and former Germany midfielder Toni Kroos. The Real Madrid playmaker thought that there was no one who can do a better job than Kimmich, his irony-laden comment reading:

I couldn’t have imagined anyone better.

Kimmich took it all in good stride, as proven by one of the hashtags in his post that said, “It’s really a shame about my blatant one beard growth.”

There are times, however, that you can see Kimmich and his moustache in their full glory, most notably during “Movember.” This is essentially an event where men with beards don’t shave for the whole month of November to raise awareness for diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Two years ago, people at BFW were clamoring for Chuck to grow a moustache like Kimmich’s. Do you wanna see it happen?

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